Try it! Funky Brushes on your Cards & My Favorite Peg Stamp Sets!

Hi friends! Necessity is the mother of invention and that is how today’s lesson came to be…


Some friends and I attended a stamp show last weekend and my friend Tracey asked if she could try out the stamps I designed for Rubber Stamp Tapestry as well as a few peg stamp sets. I grabbed a few of my favorites to bring (Brambly Rose, Muscari & Hyacinth Boarder, Cherry Blossom and Prickly Pear) because I really love these sets and they are, in my opinion, the most effortless and intuitive to use. While Tracey was stamping I was watercoloring on some watercolor postcards I packed and that’s when inspiration struck. Tracey asked to borrow a brush and I noticed I had a rake and a deerfoot stippler in my set so I handed them to her, told her what they were for and before you know it she had a sweet motif in her art journal. I decided to copy her card and share the idea with you. Thanks for the inspiration Tracey! You can see how to in the video below!

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I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project and think about how you can use you paintbrushes to add detail to your cards! Happy crafting!

Using Specialty Brushes with Ink and Peg Stamps