Sketchbook Sunday: Orchids!

Hi friends! It’s time for the latest installment of Sketchbook Sunday!


I hope you play in your sketchbook today and enjoy the process!


Sketchbook Sunday Loose Orchids in Watercolor/Colored Pencil
I received this potted arrangement for mother’s day from my mom and I thought it would be fun to paint!


What are you working on today? I hope you experiment and explore in your sketchbook without worrying about the outcome. 🙂 Happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Sketchbook Sunday: Orchids!

    1. I am just guessing, but it looks like she used an 8 or 10 for the bigger brushes and about a 2 for the detail brush. I am curious what size the quill brush is that she used.


    2. the quill is a 0 but it is near the size of a 12 round and the iter is a #4 and a #8If I remember correctly:) you don’t need the exact size though:)


  1. Just a thank you! I am 67 years old and just started dabbling in painting since I retired. You are a big help to me thank you!


  2. Hello I love loose sketches like the ones you do. It is good practice.
    thanks. I was happy to get the tickets to the stamp show. But as it turns out I have family commitments that weekend so I cant go. Can you give
    them to someone else to use them. maybe some other time, because I would love to meet you! Do you ever come to Connecticut?
    Thanks Donna Birney


    1. Hi Donna, that is the only show I teach at because I go there anyway and I can only manage to get away once a year. W Springfield might be the closest one to CT. I’m sorry to miss you tho:(


  3. Loved it. Also glad I have the primal paints and colored pencils. Usually I do t have the paints you have Also I like doing florals along with my beachy stuff. So fun for me.
    Again I thank you for all your videos 😊
    Hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday weekend.
    Lisa Ann


    1. cool! Just remember you can paint along with whatever you have with any tutorials, no need to have the exact same thing:)


  4. Loved the orchids. Was happy I had the Prima paints. Usually do not have paints you’re using. Love doing florals along with my beachy stuff.
    Again, thankyou for your videos and inspiration.
    Hoping you and your family are enjoying the holiday weekend and having extra fun quality time together
    Lisa Ann


  5. I love the Sunday sketchbook videos because they stress the practice and worry less about the results. As a beginner it really takes the stress out of the process. Watercolor painting makes me happy, especially when I don’t feel the need to produce a masterpiece. Thanks Lindsay.


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