LIVE! Sweet Summer Slices! Watermelon Watercolor Lesson at 12:30pm ET!

Edited to add a photo of the final painting. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

20180525_141400 (1)

Hi friends! We are going to have our first hot summer like day today in Maine and I am so excited! My husband suggested that I paint watermelon (see what a good idea it was to put him on the payroll!) and I thought it was a fine idea! I am going to show you how to use plastic wrap to create the crisp and icy texture of watermelon flesh but there is some drying time involved. I will show the entire demo in the live stream today but I have prepared another piece of paper that will be dry by then so after I show the plastic wrap technique I will have the dried version to continue on with. If you want to paint live with me you will also want to prepare your paper to that point. As always the replay will be available so you can follow along later and pause while things dry.


The first thing you want to do is transfer the pattern (or freehand the picture) on to your watercolor paper.


Then wet one of the slices with clear water and add in rose-red.


Then drop in a smidgen of yellow ocher here and there and outline the rind with sap green. You may need to blot out some white between the rind and the red flesh.


Then place a piece of plastic wrap on the wet paint and scrunch it if needed to make a texture like this. Let this try. You can remove it before it’s totally dry if you want a softer texture or let it dry with the plastic on it for a crisper texture. You can also weight it down and leave it overnight if you wanted a super dramatic texture but that is not necessary for this. You want to repeat these steps for every slice of watermelon in the picture, refer to the first photo in this post as a guide.


You can watch the live broadcast or replay in the video player below but if you want to chat live be sure to tune in at 12:30 on the YouTube watch page.

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Programming note…

No live show next week as I will be teaching at the Heirloom Paper Art Festival in W. Springfield MA! Will you be there? Join me for a class or say Howdy if you see me on the show floor!

10 thoughts on “LIVE! Sweet Summer Slices! Watermelon Watercolor Lesson at 12:30pm ET!

  1. Lindsey, I love all your videos and the hard work you do to bring us quality teaching videos. I don’t know where else to ask this so I’ll try here. Would you please do a video in which you draw and paint a Victorian house, using watercolor and pen? I would love to see that. Thanks again. Candy


  2. Love all your videos! Always learn something and you inspired me to try watercolor. I love watercolor and I love this painting


  3. What kind of white crayon did you use at the end? I think you mentioned it was like a gouache. Thanks! Enjoyed the video so much.


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