Babbling Brook “Plein Air” Sketchbook Sunday!

Hi friends! Today we are going to travel to the local Audubon trails and do some painting on location!


My husband and I filmed on location and I hope you enjoy it.

Here is what I typically take out painting (*Affiliate links used)

Here is the photo I took of the scene I painted:


Let me know what you think of on location videos. I love to paint in the beautiful landscape of Maine in the summer and if you are interested I’d love to take you along with the magic of video! I hope you had a pleasant Mother’s day and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay. LOVE the outdoor, on-site nature painting. This is what I want to do with my time when I retire in a few years and it was great to be able to see your process. Would love to see more. Happy Mother’s Day. Debra


  2. I wish I was there on location with you guys! I signed up for your watercolor classes in Springfield.


    • That’s great Miriam! I am glad we will see you this year as we couldn’t make it last year. We are staying at the same place as before:)


  3. This was wonderful. I have really been enjoying your posts and am learning a lot, including letting go and just keep at it. Thank you so much.


  4. What do I think of on location paintings? Love them! I am in Michigan and the outdoors scenes are similar in color and natural elements. I can use your tips to go paint around where I live. Thank you, and thank your hubby too!


  5. I love this ‘painting on location’ stuff Lindsay – yes please to s’more


  6. Superb painting. painting signifies your observation skills.


  7. I love the location videos, but then I love everything you posted. Seriously I learn so much from you. Thank you.


  8. That scene is so fresh and natural


  9. Hello Lindsay,
    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. Yes, I would love to see more of your on location plein air paintings. I know I’ll never be able to get to see Maine in person, so with these I will be able to see some of what your beautiful state looks like. That was so nice of your husband to help with the outdoor filming, cause it would be pretty difficult to film yourself and paint too. This was beautiful. Thank you so very much.
    Sincerely Becky B from Arkansas


  10. This looks beautiful. Love your colours!


  11. Gracious, but you do have a ‘beautiful area’ to work with! Love all you share with us, thank you, and yes, to more videos like this. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.


  12. I love the onsite tutorials. I really want to learn these techniques so that I can enjoy my visits. More of these, please. =)


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