DIY Acrylic Pouring Medium

Hi friends! I had a bunch of half full bottles cheap acrylic paint that I wanted to use up so I thought I’d give paint pouring a try.


I didn’t want to invest in pricy pouring mediums and other fluids to make my paint flow so I made my own pouring medium using stuff I had around the house. Watch the video to see how!

Supplies (Affiliate links to Consumer Crafts (CC) and Amazon, Consumer Crafts has the best deals for today’s supplies)

  • White Glue CC, or Amazon
  • Cheap Acrylic Craft Paint: CC or AmazonĀ 
  • Aerosol Hairspray
  • Gold Spray paint: CC or Amazon
  • A box or try to catch drips
  • A jar with lid for shaking up medium
  • Cans to rest your canvasses on
  • For your paint surface you can use stretched canvas, canvas panels or plywood


Pouring medium recipe: Mix equal parts water and white glue in a jar and shake to mix.

Add the pouring medium to the paint. I like to add it to half empty bottles of paint but you can mix it in other cups if your bottles are full. You can dilute to craft paint with the medium up to 50% without affecting the binding of the paint to the canvas.

1. Mix paint and medium at a 5o/50 ration and shake well.

2. Take color 1 and make a puddle, add other colors on that puddle and tip the canvas so the paint can cover and flow.

3. Spray on gold spray paint if desired. *You can drop alcohol on the gold spray paint to break it up if desired.

4. Spray surface with hairspray and tip the panel to keep movement going so it will form cells.

5. Let dry. Panels will dry overnight but stretched canvasses can take several days to dry.

Method #2 (Dirty Pour)

1. Add colors (with medium added) to a cup but do not mix.

2. Place canvas on cup and flip the whole thing over.

3. Lift off the cup and let the paint go!

4. Spray with hairspray (to make bubbles and cells) and gold spray paint if desired.

5. Let dry.


Now, there are much more fancy ways to do acrylic paint pouring and I encourage you to check them out if you really love this project. I wanted to play and use up some stuff I already had but that’s not to say it’s not worth jumping in and trying the store bought supplies for this craft. Have fun and til next time happy crafting!

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