How to Refill an Acrylic Paint Pen

Hi friends! I have really been enjoying my Posca fine tip paint pens and the other day I used up the white! I was about to reorder them but I decided that first I would try to refill them myself and it worked great! I also discovered that you can refill other brands as well. Learn how in today’s video!

I had a few viewers say that they were able to unscrew the bottom of the Posca pen if you unscrewed it in the opposite direction but mine would not budge. I think it might be the bullet tip versions that unscrew but since you know both ways to refill you will be fine no matter what kind of acrylic paint pen you have. 🙂

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  1.  Mix acrylic paint with water until you have a paint the consistency of heavy cream. You could probably also use a fluid acrylic paint like Golden Flow paint without any additional water but I wanted to use the stuff I had.
  2. Open the pen. First try to unscrew the barrel from the top but if that doesn’t work you can pull out the nib with your fingers.
  3. Use a pipette to fill the pen either though the nib opening (like Posca) or directly in the barrel (like Ohuhu.)
  4. Replace the nib (or screw the pen back together, cap it and shake to make sure the paint is well mixed and test it. You may need to depress the nib (pump the pen) to start the ink flowing especially if your pen has been dry for a while.

Tip, don’t let the pen dry out, refill it as soon as you use it up to prevent paint drying in the nib and clogging. Pat yourself on the back because you just kept some junk out of the landfill and more cash in your pocket. Happy crafting!


2 Responses

  1. Amazing tip! Thank you so very much, Lindsay! You rock!


  2. I cannot believe I did not play with these paint markers before considering I’ve been making art almost a decade! These would be great for my metal sculptures when I want to touch up an area I missed or to cover over spray from a different color. Check put my wordpress blog jtbmetaldesigns to see what I am up to.


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