DIY Inktense Palette & My First Facebook Live with Demo and Q&A

Hi friends! I tried out Facebook live yesterday and did a live demo of a watering can with flowers in a loose style. I painted it with Inktense blocks but you can use watercolors.


I know not everyone is on Facebook (especially These days!) but it is much easier for me to see your questions during a live stream so I might pop in once a month and do a live Q&A kinda like the old “Ask a Crafter” videos I used to do so if you are interested in that be sure to like and follow by Frugal Crafter Community Facebook page. To make sure you don’t miss a live event click like, then follow and click see first. I plan on posting the replay on my blog here but if you want to interact live you will need to follow on Facebook.


Here is the video from yesterday:

Here is a video showing how I made the palette:

I had a full set of inktense blocks and pencils as well as a small set of 12 that a sweet viewer had sent me years ago when I was unsure if I wanted to get the full set. I like them enough to buy the set of 72 but having doubles I felt silly investing in another duplicate product just because it was a different format. Plus I couldn’t even find the Inktense pan set to purchase. Honestly I use the pencils more than the blocks anyway so I figured I could sacrifice some of the blocks to go in the palette and as an extra bonus all of my loose blocks fit in my large Inkense block tin so less storage space!

So you are probably wondering how these differ from watercolors? Well, to be honest I prefer watercolors. I find Inktense to be vibrant but yet it’s chalky and I find this chalky quality more in the block than in the pencil although they are purportedly the same thing. The big attribute to inktense is that after you paint with it on paper (and it dries completely) it bonds permanently with the paper so you can layer over it without if reactivating. That’s a boon to mixed media artists who want to keep working on a project without disturbing the layers underneath. You can use watercolor over inktense as it won’t repel the media because it dries matte. My top recommendation for the inktense line will always be the pencils but knowing how you like to use media can help you choose the right thing for you. I hope you enjoyed this craft hack and live rebroadcast. If you would like to catch my next live endeavor I will be doing a guest live stream on the LAVA soap facebook page at 2pm ET today where I will show you how to make your own Acrylic pouring medium and we will do an acrylic pour. The stream will last about 15 minutes. I’m a bit nervous so wish me luck! Have a great day and til next time happy crafting!

18 Responses

  1. Love you but hate facebook. Do not use it at all. I will miss you.


  2. Good luck on your new Facebook thing today. I’m too old school for keeping up with all the social media stuff and besides that my internet connection doesn’t seem to be the best. And our provider just supposedly upgraded us with faster speed. Sorry but I’m not seeing it, very frustrating. So I’ll just have to follow you on YouTube channel and your blog page. Just wanted to tell you Good Luck.
    Sincerely Becky B from Arkansas


  3. Aw Lindsay, why ruin a great thing, I have the purchased service, You Tube RED in order to watch you without the annoying commercials or pop ups. I despise Facebook, for me it has been invasive and annoying. I will miss your tutorials. Facebook is just not a good medium for me. Good Luck. I will watch Lindsay re-runs on your You-Tube channel 🙂


    • I am not ruining anything, I was adding something new. My tutorials will still be on Youtube but I am branching out a bit and you can see the reply on my blog. I don’t understand why people are getting upset. 😦


  4. I can see and hear you on Facebook. Love all your shows!


  5. Stopped Facebook account over their sharing membercdata. Will be keeping up with you on YouTube though. Good luck with your life share.


  6. i don’t do facebook. I’m not that up on computer skills but I’m sure I will still find plenty on your usual page and youtube. still love your work. Betty


  7. Hello Lindsay, I just watched your Facebook live replay on your blog page. Just beautiful, you and your painting, yep I really liked your haircut too. Of course you could do any kind of hairstyle and look beautiful. I think why everyone was upset about the Facebook live thing was because they thought you were going to quit doing YouTube videos and such. I understand why they don’t like Facebook, but it has nothing to do with you. I’m glad you got some must deserved R & R with your family, you have definitely earned it. I know you have helped me with alot, from encouragement to money saving tips and tricks. So thank you so very much. Sure wish I had someone like you for a neighbor, don’t worry – I’m not moving to Maine, LOL. You don’t like being land locked in a place to live, I’m the opposite – I don’t like the potential for serious storms coming off the oceans, nor tusami’s either (hope you know what I meant) sometimes the auto speller doesn’t help. Last thing (besides hoping I haven’t bored you to death) I wanted to let you know I left you one comment on last video, the bird painting, some info I promised you. Ok that’s it — finally. Congrats on today.
    Sincerely Becky B from Arkansas


  8. Could you please spell the name of those brushes? Thanks.


  9. Hi Lindsay,

    I don’t want to have a facebook account either BUT I found out I didn’t need it to be able to watch your video anyway and I hope it wasn’t an accident because I was happy to not have to miss it! I hope that sentence wasn’t too muddled up.

    I love your new haircut and can imagine even shorter hair would really look pretty too but I have to warn you: short hair means a haircut every four ot five weeks if you don’t want to end up looking like a bobtail! I used to have long hair I trimmed myself whenever I thought it needed it but when I had children and didn’t have to TIME to take care of my own long hair I had it cut short and just wash it, shake it and dry it a bit but the hair cut appointments once a month ARE a bother. I can picture you with a shorter wavy haircut though … would you even dare to have a pixie cut?


  10. Hi Lindsay
    I remember some time ago you were talking about how expensive the little paint tins like the Prima and Jane Davenport are and also the pans. Well, I think I’ve solved your problem. I was shopping on Ailexpress and found them at an unbelievable price. The tin I bought came with 12 half pans for $5.98. Here is the link

    If you are needing more half or full pans you can get them at this link

    These are coming from China so they may take a few weeks but well worth the wait.

    Oh, and thanks so much for the heads up on the Inktense. I have been wanting a set for so long but just couldn’t shell out the $150.00 most places were asking for them….I just placed my order.


  11. Great video and love that we get to see your pallet and water cup as its something we don’t usually see. Gives me a much better idea how much water is used and that I may be taking too much out of my brush


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