There will be a live show today, but what will we paint?

Edited to add a picture of what we painting in the livestream. This is a good tutorial for beginners as there is no drawing. Have a great weekend!


Hi friends! I have been out of sorts all week. I keep making creative project attempts but nothing is turning out, it feel like I am pushing against a brick wall. I can’t settle on what I want to paint today, I can’t even seem to decide whether to do the live stream upstairs in my office or down in my studio which may be warm enough to tolerate without the space heater running. I will have my regularly scheduled live stream at 12:30pm Eastern time today as scheduled because I am a big believer in forcing my way through a creative block rather than waiting for the muse to find me. That said next week is school vacation for my kids so I am going to take next friday off from live streaming. So if you enjoy the live shows better catch it today at 12:30pm ET! You can watch the live show or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live you will want to tune in at 12:30 on the you tube watch page.

I did narrow down what I want to use because I had a neat little craft hack yesterday, I cut down the Dr PH Martin palette that my Mission gold watercolors are in to fit inside an extra QOR watercolor tin I had. That was my creative highpoint for the week I think. LOL! I will also use Arches watercolor paper and Creative Mark Mimik brushes but you can use whatever watercolor and paper you like. Here is the reference photo I used.

I am pretty certain my creative funk has something to do with the eternal winter we are stuck in. We are supposed to have sunshine and upper 50s today (so I will get outside to try to soak up some good vibes and vitamin D) but then we will be plunged back into winter this weekend with 30 degree weather and snow/wintry mix in the forecast. I am so done with winter. Oh, well, this shall pass, hopefully by 12:30:) See you on YouTube! Happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Looking forward to the live show no matter what you paint! I love the new palette. Organizing my supplies is a favorite pastime when I don’t really feel like painting. Hang on, Lindsay, spring is on the way! We are having some random unusually cold weather this spring even in Mississippi!


  2. Lindsay, you’re the best! I love your honesty about your creative funk! I’m sure that whatever you decide to do on your live stream today will be delightful! You are quite an inspiration to me! I’m currently taking your “Learn to Draw with Lindsay” class and loving every minute of it! You are such a blessing to so many!!
    I’m sorry you’re having such a long and cold winter!
    Come on out to where I live in sunny Southern California! I’d love to meet you! 😀


  3. You rock sweet girl! You amaze me with your energy and creativity. We are in the spring funk here in North Idaho, too. We had snow yesterday. So far today it is gorgeous out there. Absolutely cold but beautiful! The day isn’t over, though! We can go through the entire weather spectrum in an hour in the springtime here. I am always in a creative funk. Creativity is not my forte. If someone tells me what they want and how they want it, I am good. But to pull a rabbit out of my hat – well – let’s say I “case” one heck of a lot. My own ideas/projects are usually found in the trash can… I am a black and white, fix-it kind of gal. I had a (too) long career in aircraft maintenance which doesn’t require much creativity but did require extreme attention to detail. Never was a artsy person. I intentionally took up papercrafts to get to that part of my brain. It isn’t working decades later. I do love to admire others work though.


  4. Hi Lindsay. I love all your posts, videos and classes. Here in Michigan we are also having the weather blues. Here’s to sunshine and warmth ASAP!


  5. love all the art that you create … one idea for the future, a beautiful colorful box turtle


  6. The temps in AZ have already reached the high 90’s. Yesterday we had high winds and dust storms that created problems on the freeways. I had to stay indoors if I wanted to breathe. My house is full of dust. But I thank God for the day he has made and have my paints out because today is a live paint day!


  7. Not for nothing—— but it gives me hope when I hear that even YOU have trouble creating sometimes. I am in your drawing class. This week I tried to draw and paint white daffodils in my garden. These are trimmed in a beautiful coral around ruffled part. The center is bright green. To make a long story short I could not even come close. I went to bed thinking of these beautiful daffodils. Hang in there. You always give me HOPE. Sue, DE


  8. Farther north in Alberta Canada. Cold, snow and more cold. Wishing it would end but loving thoughts of flowers. Even dirt would be welcome after all the snow we have had covering everything! So look forward to your painting and craft videos. You give me courage to try, try again and to trust my own judgement. Thank you


  9. Hang in there Lindsay, spring will come, even though I know it doesn’t seem like it now. Whatever you decide to create will be just fine. And I hope you have a wonderful time with your kids next week. God bless you and yours. Sincerely Becky B from Arkansas


  10. Another beautiful watercolor I am going to try! Thank you for limiting the questions from viewers to watercolor. On another video, Sara allowed all kinds of questions unrelated to watercolor that prevented you from explaining what you were doing and it was terribly frustrating.


  11. Hey Lindsay,

    It could be that we are hogging the warm weather here in Australia – it has been very unusually warm here for Autumn – we’ll hand over the warm weather soon, although, I for one, am not looking forward to winter:)


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