Freezer Paper T-Shirt Printing!

Hi friends! This project is super fun and easy and the results look so professional! Plus with school vacations rolling around it is a fun project you can do with your kids or grandkids. Even better,you probably have everything you need in your own home! In today’s video I’ll show you how to print on fabric using a homemade freezer paper stencil.

Supplies: *Affiliate links used

1. Cut stencil from freezer paper. Make sure when you design your stencil the shiny side of the paper is down.

2. Place stencil shiny side down on your T-shirt and press with an iron set to the hottest temperature for the fabric you are printing on. I recommend cotton. I usually buy multi packs of mens T-shirts for this.

3. Apply paint by stenciling with a stencil brush or kids chunky brush.

4. Let dry and peel off stencil!

I recommend watching this shirt alone the first time you launder it to make sure none of the paint comes off, it shouldn’t if you are using fabric paint but better safe than sorry. You can also turn the shirt inside out and press it after the paint is dry to heat set it just to be safe. I had several viewers from the UK say that they don’t sell freezer paper over there but I have also heard it called greeseproof paper. Basically it is a white paper with a plastic coating on one side. You may be able to get some from a local butcher. If anyone from the UK can comment with a source for this kind of freezer paper in the UK please leave a comment, thanks! Happy crafting!




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  1. You can buy freezer paper here in the UK. It is sold for quilters. You can buy it online at Art Van Go ( or Hobbycraft, but the first looks much cheaper!


  2. Hobbycraft sell freezer paper in the UK, I see it online but not sure if it’s available in stores.
    Grease proof paper and baking parchment are more like tracing paper and would not be a good substitute.


  3. I loved this tutorial!


  4. I remember doing this stenciling … but it was years ago so it may not be correct ,,, but I remember needing to WASH the tee (cotton) shirt FIRST.


    • I didn’t wash it first and it was fine, the shirt has been washed after and the paint stayed fine. Maybe my shirt came prewashed? It was really soft.

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  5. Hi Lindsay, freezer paper isn’t available here in Australia either (the last time I looked), but I have been able to buy similar product at the patchwork shop, I’m not sure what it is called. Thanks for another great video.


  6. Hello Lindsay … I’m from Great Britain (I live in the South of England) and have some freezer paper that I bought on Ebay for around £5.00 for two boxes. It’s great stuff and I primarily use it for die cutting – as it releases some of the more intricate paper cuts from their dies, without me having to try too hard to be careful.

    You can buy it from Hobbycraft – but I’ve just been and checked on their website and they charge £10 for one roll (box) – which is a bit excessive.

    A place called Empress Mills (find them on the internet) sells Reynolds Freezer Paper for £3.90 a box, and the postage is £3.20. (I’ve never bought from them, so check them out for Reviews on the internet before you buy).

    Ebay UK also have it for sale still, from various folks – but buyers should check out exactly what they’re buying as some sellers sell the whole roll of freezer paper for the price stated in the ad – but some other ebayers sell different lengths of sheets and what you’re buying could very well be not what you think you’re buying. So ALWAYS CHECK THE EXACT DETAILS OF WHAT YOU’RE BUYING.

    There are also a small handful of people who sell properly cut and packed sheets of Freezer Paper – which look to be around A4 in size – which would probably be enough for a template for a top/t-shirt. Again, check what you’re buying before you click.

    With regard to Grease-proof paper …. no it’s not exactly the same thing. It’s more of a non stick baking paper which is great for lining cake tins; baking sausage rolls; biscuits etc.

    There is available some coated Grease-proof paper – but I’m not sure what it’s coated in. I’ve a feeling it’s wax – and that might not be what you want melted onto your top. But again…. check the wording on the boxes UK people. You’re looking for a baking paper which is plastic on one side.

    Hope this has been of some help Lindsay.
    GREAT post, and just at the right time – the school holidays have arrived here, so our children of school age are all at home for roughly two weeks. This would be a terrific project to do with them.

    Thanks for the share and all the lovely crafty projects, hints, tips and tutorials. ~ Cobs. x

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  7. This is so awesome! I have a heat press that I make my shirts, but I definitely have to try this!

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  8. Thanks for sharing this video. I use a heat press machine for printing t-shirts but it looks so simple to try at home.


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