How’s Your Handwriting? Good enough for a card… it can be!

Hi friends! I am going to come clean with you and admit that I have lousy handwriting. It is a barely legible half cursive, half printed chicken scratch mess. Anyone reading a handwritten note from me would believe I was a doctor! (OK the only people who will get that joke will have to be old enough to remember when doctors wrote paper prescriptions I guess LOL!) The fact is I don’t take the time I should to write neatly and if  you think about writing as “drawing your letters” you can make them look a lot better!


In today’s video we are going to make a pretty stamped watercolor card with a hand written sentiment that will be pretty enough to impress your 3rd grade cursive teacher! Plus I’ll share my 5 tips for prettier handwriting!

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Other supplies (Affiliate links used)


5 Tips to quickly make your handwriting look better (and these tips work because I have terrible handwriting!)

1. Make guide lines with pencil.
2. keep the vertical lines of the letters parallel to one another.
3. Try to keep an even space between letters.
4. Press on your pen more on the down strokes to make thicker lines and lift upon the upstrokes for thinner lines.
5. Make the letters look crisper by going over the letters with a fine black fountain pen. Add swirls, loops and flourishes to dress it up with the same black pen.


I also wanted to add some info on the wreath card that I was frustrated with in case anyone like it and wanted to try it. Let me know if you want a tutorial on this and I can do one. Basically I punched a circle and folded it in half a couple of times so it looked like a pie with 8 slices, traced the circle on paper and marked each fold. Then I stamped the jade succulent on every other mark. then I masked and filled in stamping with other succulents repeating them around the circle. It looked too cluttered to me so I scrapped the idea but it would be pretty if it was a bit more sparse I think.


I do think it looks better now that I have stepped away from it. I think when I am getting frustrated by a project I see it with “ugly eyes” and it often looks OK later. What do you think? I hope you try some handwriting on your next card and til next time happy crafting!


5 thoughts on “How’s Your Handwriting? Good enough for a card… it can be!

  1. I understand what you mean by looking at a piece with “ugly eyes” because I’ve been there many times. I’ll come back to it later with fresh eyes and often it doesn’t look quite as bad to me. I’ve had art that I almost didn’t post online because I wasn’t happy with it and then many people seem to like it.
    Also, my handwriting is pretty awful, with awkward tilts and erratic spacing. I’ll try your tips when I need to pretty it up!


  2. Lindsay, those are gorgeous cards.
    Your coloring is amazing with those stamps.
    And your handwriting is wonderful.
    I am not confident enought to use mine on cards,
    but you have inspired me to try.


  3. Both cards are gorgeous. I also understand about seeing things with “ugly eyes”. When I get to this point I will put a project to the side and come back to it later. If I still feel that way then it goes in the bin. Also thank you for giving us the courage to try using out own handwriting.


  4. Lindsay great video! Thanks for the hand writing tips I really struggle with that. I have been using my Scan and cut to cut masks for stamping, that save a lot of time. You can get Post it’s in sheets. Loved your cards💗


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