5 Ways to Use Circle Stamps!

Hi friends! Sometimes it’s fun to see what you can make with a simple supply, in this case, circle stamps!


Circles are fun shapes. Think bubbles and beach balls, they just scream “playtime!” You can go bright with confetti colored circles or use a soft palette for a gentle friendly pastel card.


In today’s video I’ll give you 5 ideas and 4 finished cards using circle stamps.

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Experimenting with your supplies is a great way to learn what they can do and come up with new and unique ideas. Don’t expect everything to be perfect because you will learn just as much if not more from the attempts that are not successful. Give yourself permission to play! Happy crafting!



10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Use Circle Stamps!

  1. I love these cards. I have those stamps as well as the ones you designed. Still haven’t used them yet, but I will.


  2. I love the idea of using stamps that way! I think that’s what means being creative. When I saw those circle stamps online I thought they weren’t worth the money because, well, anybody can just DRAW a circles, but now I can see you can go much further than that!

    The only thing I can think of about the “hello” card is to create a contrast somehow. I first thought of introducing a bold color like gold as an eye-catcher, but I have no idea where to put it unless as a shade around the letters. But a contrast in textures could be an idea, like using the same color with a totally different tecture, kind of like the way you create an eye-catcher with wink of stella. Something fuzzy, foamy or frothy on the white shades around the letters maybe …. not a lot, just enough to set off the glittery bubbles.


      1. oops! I meant “behind” the word “hello” … I got German and English mixed up then … today isn’t my day …


  3. Hi

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – 5 ways to Use Circle Stamps

    I watched your video tutorial on YouTube and read through your blog post and then commented on both. I really think that this video tutorial was so useful to all crafters like myself. There was so much information in it and now we will be able to use this information in our own designs.

    Till the next time

    Lorraine heart-and-crafts.blogspot.co.uk

    :O) >

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