A Summery Painting Tutorial to Warm You Up! 12:30pm ET

Edited to add the final painting. I like the additional palm trees and beach umbrella. How about you? Have a great weekend!


Hi friends! Were back this week with a fun summery beach painting that will take your mind off winter!


You can watch the live broadcast or reply in the player below but if you want to chat live with fellow painters or ask me questions be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page.



New March Collection of artwork in the shop!  These are original paintings you have seen me paint on YouTube or in classes. They are only available this month on a first come first served basis. Prices start at $45 (because I think everyone should be able to afford original art if they want) and USA shipping is free!


I hope to see you for a free live painting class at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube today, til them happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “A Summery Painting Tutorial to Warm You Up! 12:30pm ET

  1. You think that will work? I’m looking forward to this video!
    It’s 20°F here where I live … 😉
    I’m glad you’re going to use Qors again …. you haven’t for such a long time! I wonder how you make up your mind which brand of paints to choose ….


  2. Oh, Lindsay, what a perfect subject! We’re under a 40hour snowfall warning and I would kill to be lying on a nice warm beach. I’m on my way over to your Tutorial right now! LOL


  3. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Thank you for painting a time at the beach; love it!
    It helped me to forget about this cold winter day and think about summer.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!
    Take care.


  4. Thank you Lindsay for the warm, sunny composition today in the art session. I loved the whole video tutorial, I was a bit confused about people taking over your LIVE questions – who were they? :O)


  5. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to the latest in your blog posts – A Summery Painting Tutorial to Warm You Up! 12:30 pm ET

    I watched your You Tube LIVE video tutorial replay and loved it. I also read through your blog post and left a comment there as well as on You Tube. I keep missing you LIVE, I need to work out what 12:30pm ET is in the UK and then make a note of the time on a Friday so that I can watch you LIVE instead.

    An update on my treatment, been for chemotherapy this morning and white blood cell count (1.29) needs to be 1.0 so woohoo! Red blood cell count (99) needs to be 90, woohoo! So the chemotherapy must be starting to get into the cancer cells and slow them down. Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers there have been for me and please I would appreciate if these would continue.

    Until your next email

    Lorraine heart-and-crafts.blogspot.co.uk

    :O) >


    1. congratulations! Word fail me to say what I really mean but I’m glad to see you are doing so well.

      I’m living in Germany, near Hamburg and the Live Video starts at 6:30 pm although it might be muddled up when the clocks change. I must say I enjoy watching the Live Videos in the evening, I wouldn’t be able to be on time if it were around noon. It’s also a nice and peaceful way to end the day.

      BTW, I went over to your blog last time I saw it here and was interested in “Tone on Tone”. I thought it was a fabulous idea to make my own pattern paper instead of buying stacks of pattern paper plus the uni-colored paper as I don’t make cards that often. Or as Lindsay says, I can “use what I have” and still end up with nice results. The tone on tone card was so elegant I would have never believed the paper wasn’t bought in a shop.


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