Easy-Peasy Watercolor Pencil Project: Carnations!


Hi friends! I have had a lot of requests for watercolor pencil projects lately so I though I’d whip up an easy, beginner real-time project for you.


You only need 4 basic colors that should be in most sets of 12. I wanted it to be accessible to everyone and also I think it is smart to try a limited supply project if you are new to a media so you can see if you like it before spending a lot of money on supplies. All you need is a red, yellow, blue and green, cool huh? Watch the video to see how I did this (and how you can too!)

The great thing about a recorded video is that you can speed it up or slow it down or pause if needed so you can go at your own pace.


I made a playlist of my watercolor pencil projects if you like the media and want to learn more.


There are many great brands of watercolor pencils out there but the best ones are the ones you already have so break them out of the box and play! If you don’t have any yet the Spectrum Aquablend ones I used in the video are very good and affordable.  The other thing I like about the Spectrum Aquablends is that if you start with the primary set and love them you can buy other sets and there are no duplications between the sets of 24 as opposed to other brands where if you buy the 12 set and then get a bigger set you end up with 12 doubles. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. I have been using Strathmore watercolor cards that come in a box not folded. Silly question, is there a right side to paint on? Thanks, always enjoy your lessons!! I’ve been using inktense pencils from the beginning because of your videos 😊


  2. Love carnation card tutorial! Quick and easy! I need to use my pinxels more. Thanks. I just live watching and learning from you. Excellent teacher.


  3. Lindsay, I love to watch you draw, paint or create with other mediums. I always learn so much from you every time I watch you video tutorials. Thank you :O)


  4. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your latest blog post – Easy-Peasy Watercolour Pencil Project: Carnations!

    I watched your You Tube video tutorial and read through your blog post and commented in both. I love to watch you paint, draw or create Lindsay because I always learn so much from you every time I watch you in You Tube.

    Thank you for sharing you skills with us crafters.

    Until you next email





  5. Digging out those pencils and attempting this! Thanks for the nudge!


  6. I really like your watercolor pencil carnation video! Special thanks for creating a play list of your watercolor pencil videos!!!!!


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