Triple Review: RENDR Marker Paper, NEW Premiere Brush Tip Alcohol Markers & Curio Stamps from Stampendous!

Hi friends! I have had requests to showcase a few new things and it made sense to do it all at once. It seems like there have been tons of companies revamping their marker lines over the past year and I am always curious as to the quality of them and how different they are from one another. Today we will look at the new Premiere markers sold exclusively at A.C.Moore. Along with RENDR Marker paper and Curio Stamps by Stampendous.


The new Premiere markers have a bullet tip and a brush tip and will not replace the old style Premiere markers that resembled Prismacolor with a bullet tip and tri-chisel nib. The curious thing was that the color names between the two versions are not the same…but I did find a similarity between the new brush pens and other new brush pens on the market. Watch the video for more details!

Premiere by Nicole Dual end brush alcohol markers:

These markers are available in sets or open stock at A.C Moore stores. Prices range from $3.99 for a single marker to $159 for a set of 48


  • Brush tip and chisel tip
  • Less expensive than Copic
  • If you have an AC Moore store near you they are on special or you can use a coupon on a set making them much more reasonable
  • They use the same color number and naming system as the following brands so you can replenish or fill in colors from other sets (Colors the same as Studio 71, #coloring, Artist Loft (Michaels stores) and Blick Illustrator  available at Blick stores but they are not going to keep stocking them and all they have now are 12 packs.) If you like those markers you will likely enjoy these as well as the nibs are the same.


  • It is a fiber/felt tip instead of a higher quality foam tip
  • Not suitable for brush lettering

*AC Moore will still be stocking the original Premiere markers with the bullet and tri-nib chisel ends as well as the new brush markers so you can shop for what best suits your needs. They do not have a shop online but they recently teamed up with Blitsy and they have the 12 and 24 packs of the original markers for sale so maybe the new ones will arrive soon. *Note the color names between the new and old style of Premier markers do not match.

Bottom line: I like the new Premiere markers but the regular retail price is high for what they are. This is a good item to use one of their 50% off coupons on or wait for a sale. Luckily they run good sales often and many weeks they have a 55% off coupon.

RENDR No Show Through Marker Paper 5.5″x8.5″ hardbound sketchbook

I had several marker users ask me to review this paper so I chose one of their smaller sketchbooks as they are kinda pricey. I have only used them for markers as their claim to fame is that alcohol markers won’t bleed through but other media can be used on the pages.


  • Heavy #110 paper (although it did not seem as thick as other #110 cardstock I have used)
  • Does not bleed through so you can work on both sides
  • Sketchbook is bound nicely and had a grippy cover


  • The paper does not allow good blending with alcohol markers
  • When layering colors you get hard edges, it is nearly impossible for me to go back in and adjust something.

Bottom Line: RENDR paper is good if you want a sketchbook where you can work on both sides of the paper with alcohol pens without worry of color bleeding through. I have had a lot of people ask me to try other mediums on this paper so I will report back with my results in an upcoming blog post or video.

The comparison paper I used was #80 Neenah Classic Crest

Stampendous Curio Stamps

These attractive shaped wood stamps stamp beautifully and are designed to display.


  • Stamps great
  • Shaped mount is painted black so it stays looking pristine
  • Cute designs that you would be likely to use over and over again.


That was a lot of products to get through here but it is fun to put new things to the test to determine if they are worth the money or storage space in out craft room. As with any supply I think it depends. Only you know if a product will be useful to you so with my reviews I aim to be unbiased and to show you what they can do. As with all of my reviews they are not sponsored but I have used affiliate links at no cost to you if you want to check the products out and support my blog at the same time. Please don’t feel like you have to buy though and only buy something if it will add value to your life. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


5 Responses

  1. Great post dear 😊😊 Thank you for the helpful review x x


  2. Thank you Lindsay for reviewing these different products, it is so much easier for us crafters to know what to purchase if we have had some advice from experts. :O)


  3. Hi Lindsay

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – Triple Review: RENDR Maker Paper, New Premiere Brush Tip Alcohol Markers and Curio Stamps from Stampendous!

    I watched your video tutorial on You Tube and read through your blog post. I wrote a comment on both too. Thank you for doing this review Lindsay, it is so great when you give us crafters your honest opinion on a particular product.

    Thank you for supporting us crafters. My blog page is I would appreciate it if you would go and give me some feed back on any of my projects, thank you.

    Till your next email


    :O) >


  4. I have the whole set of the original Premiere by Nicole Alcohol markers and noticed this new line when i visited the store recently, and also noticed the high price. I was wondering what the differences of these markers were. I’m still a little confused as to what they are, besides the new one having a brush tip. Is this the only real difference in regards to the quality of the ink (is it ink)? Thank you so much for the reviews you do, especially the product reviews of AC Moores line, as I can never find a lot of reviews on their products, and since this is one of the only brick in mortar stores in my area, I’m limited in the art supplies I can purchase besides online. For instance yours is the only review I found on the Premiere markers, so your opinion was very helpful to me in my deciding factor.


    • the brush tip is the main difference. The new one has a brush and chisel but I like the chisel on the original better. I think the regular price is high so I’d wait for a sale or use a coupon. The colors do not line up with the original premiere markers, I have a sapphire blue in both lines and they are completely different colors. I think the nibs on the originals will last longer as well because felt tipped brush nibs wear quicker than foam tipped brush nibs and I have yet to have nibs on my originals (or prismacolor that have identical nibs wear out) I think picking up a few very light brush markers in colors you like to use a lot will aid in blending though but you probably wont gain much buying the whole set considering you already have the originals.


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