Make stamp sets more useful by swapping colors!

Hi friends! Colors can effect moods. You can take the same image and color it with pastels for a new baby card or jewel tones for a birthday. You can also take the same stamp set and swap out colors and accent images to apply to different seasons like I did today! These cards feature the Woodland Harvest Stamp set, one of the 5 stamp sets I designed for Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

SAM_5531 (1)

Here he have the fall version…


…and here is the spring!

SAM_5533 (1)

Watch the video to see how to make the fall card while picking up some tips for coloring and die cutting. The spring card is made in the same way just using the tree stamp (branches only) for a frame.

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other supplies:

I hope you had fun trying the following techniques!
*Coloring with alcohol inks
*Accenting with colored pencils
*How color choices affect the overall look of a card
*Making wood accents
*Border die cutting tips

Before you go I have a quick question for you

Now that I have hubby editing my videos I can have him edit more out and make them shorter. I realize that 30 minutes is a lot to ask of you to watch a video. So please honestly let me know if you prefer the longer videos like today or an under 10 minute video or if you would like me to alternate long and short tutorials. You won’t hurt my feelings. I just want to make the most useful lessons I can for you! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


48 thoughts on “Make stamp sets more useful by swapping colors!

  1. I prefer the longer videos. If I want to skip ahead I can always do so, but I generally watch the whole video. I especially like the painting videos to be longer. I enjoy, watch and give the thumbs up to all your videos!


  2. I don’t think 30 minutes is too long at all. Any tutorial would last at least that long and personally I really enjoy and learn a lot from longer videos.


  3. Hi! I like it when you explain everything. 30 minuteso allows for details that may be missed in a edit. Thanks for your work and dedication.


  4. Sorry being an odd ball, prefer the shorts ones, you can always go back if you didn’t understand it…love your videos and you…


  5. Ps I don’t paint, so I skip those, but maybe your painters need more video..but other videos short n sweet is awesome! We all are crazy busy, even us old folks, I don’t know how I ever had time to work 32 yrs at the same place. Retired people used to say the same thing about not knowing how they worked and I always was thinking, yeah right, but it’s sooooo true, hope your weekend is as awesome as you are…paper hugs, sorry to making to comments, but my finger got happy with the first comment, thanks for caring….


  6. Hi Lindsey, The cards are cute and I love your tips on stamping and making cards. As far as the videos go, The length isn’t the problem for me so much as the size. I live in the sticks and do not have high-speed Internet available. (I know, in the USA, in 2018!!!) I would prefer they be smaller in size. We have very limited data transfer allowance and it is usually used up just keeping the computers up to date and checking our email. (We need to move…but who wants to buy a house with no Internet?)


  7. I like longer actual speed with conversation and instructions as you go. Too many of the prerecorded and voice over videos the talking is so fast it is hard to watch and listen at the same time. I have no problem with short slow and precise commentary is best.


  8. Video length Lindsay? Why not both? I tend to watch short ones to see if I want to learn that technique or maybe just get inspired – and long ones when I really want to watch what you are doing and learn in greater depth. I don’t usually comment (lack of time 🙂 ) but am a HUGE fan and love your bright and cheery style and can do attitude. I’m so glad you have hubby on board now and we reap the benefits of seeing you more often! Thank you! Pauline


  9. Yes, Lindsay, alternate long and short tutorials depending on the project. Don’t think I’ve ever thought any of your videos were too long though. I’ve enjoyed all I’ve watched, including your studio clutter clearing!


  10. I like the long videos in real time. I guess some shorter ones would be good too. Thank you so much for all the watercolor videos. I have learned so much from watching and listening to you. Can’t stand the instructional videos artists post with no audio.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I think it depends … I think it was wise to skip painting ALL the leaves at the live video as time was getting short and showing how to paint the individual veggies was important.

    I usually enjoy the longer videos though because it gives me an idea of how long a process really takes, also, you’d never know what to edit as we all have our own preferences. And – even when you are doing something I saw you do often you chat and reveal some tips I didn’t know yet. I NEVER watched one of your videos and thought it was a waste of my time, never! I TAKE the time it needs to watch them! I’d sooner skip a meal.

    I think if somebody doesn’t want to watch everything maybe adding timetables under the videos might help so they know how far to skip. I’m sorry that’ll mean more work for your husband though!

    Maybe offering two videos, a long version and a shorter one could help, an artist used to do that too, I can’t recall who exactly though on the spur of the moment. I’m sorry my ideas mean more work instead of less!


  12. A mixture of both as people have said. I watch them at the end of the day before bed so 30 minutes are good. If I’m tired I’ll finish off the next day!


  13. Length of the video doesn’t matter to me. i love them short or long. Am really delighted with your tutorials using your stamps.the cards you come up with are awesome.


  14. Personally I don’t mind your longer videos, I actually prefer them longer. 10 mins just seems too short to be able to explain much. If I was really short of time and you were explaining a technique I already was familiar with I could just forward the video. Not hard for me to do, although I rarely ever do that. I don’t start questioning whether I have time to watch a video until about 40-45 mins or over. Then I really start the internal dialogue about do I have the time to commit to watching this video. That’s what works for me.


  15. I personally won’t sit through more than 10 minutes of video unless there is truly vital info being conveyed or it is an art tutorial that I am following realtime (although most of the time when I am working along with a video, I will start and stop it while I work on an area). You could possibly compromise by saying things like “if you don’t want to hear about the materials I’m using today, skip to __:__” which which probably speed things up for those who are only focused on certain aspects of the process.


  16. I always love watching your videos especially card making ones so don’t mind the length, I can’t get all the products here in the uk though without really high postage costs. Very educational and entertaining watch though, thank you Lindsay x


  17. Lindsay, I want to thank you for sharing this project with us crafters. It is great to get TOP TIPS about how to change a project simply with different colours. I love the stamp sets you have created and the projects that you are creating with them are absolutely fabulous.


  18. Hi Lindsay

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – Make stamp sets more useful by swapping colours

    I watched your video tutorial on You Tube and absolutely loved these projects. I wrote a comment on your You Tube Channel and on your blog post. I will try this idea out with changing the colours on my projects in order to make them different and then I will have more than one look with my stamps.

    Lindsay I would like to also thank you for going to my blog page ( ) and commenting on one of my projects. I really appreciate the feedback.

    Till your next email.

    Keep crafting!





  19. I use the videos to learn something new. therefore I prefer the longer videos. I just bookmark them and watch them when I have time.


  20. I love the longer, real time videos the best! I will watch everything you do, so if you find its a repetitive thing (like coloring a million leaves) then it makes sense to do the shorter voice over style for that. You can do what you think is best, that works for me! Thanks for still doing it all for us!


  21. I watch ALL your videos, even for things I’ll probably never do, like oil painting, or painting a couch, LOL! If I’m short on time, or it’s something I’m not likely to do, I speed them up 1.5 or 2 times, but I still watch them, b/c I enjoy hearing you teach and chat. If I speed thru them b/c I’m short on time, I still save them to watch again later. If you’re doing something like petals or leaves, that’s super repetitive, tho, I’m fine with you showing how to do a few, then pausing and finishing the rest off camera, and coming back when you’re done. I love “visiting” with you, as I have health problems, and can’t get out much these days. Coffee or tea and your video, and I learn something AND feel better! Thanks to you and Jason, for all you both do!


  22. Thumbs up on all your videos. I tend to watch the shorter ones during the week and save the longer ones for the weekend. I always get great ideas. Congrats on your awesome stamp sets!


  23. I enjoy the longer ones but for someone with smalls or a job or both can you offer both? A condensed version and a choice. The edited short could arrive later. Every time I watch you, I learn so much.


  24. I like the alternating video lengths, but I generally save anything over 25 minutes to watch when I have a longer stretch of time to spend on YouTube.


  25. I also think alternating long and short videos is a good idea as sometimes we don’t have a lot of time and watching a quick video is great but when we have the time it’s nice to watch a longer version with different types of uses of the same material or different techniques in the same project. I enjoy them both. We can fast forward anyway when we have to so no worries;).


  26. I know I’m a little late, but I really enjoy your longer versions. I feel as if I’m right there with you as you are demonstrating. I seem to take a bit more time to absorb things. So please continue with your longer tutorials. Thanks so much for all that you share!!!!


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