Easy Sunset Painting Tutorial, Limited palette, DIY Gouache!

Howdy friends! One year ago I was sitting on a tropical beach sipping a Mai-Tai (Facebook reminded me) and today I am sitting in my living room, near the fireplace watching the snow fall outside. I’m not saying one is better than the other but I sure would love to feel the sun on my face and the warm sand between my toes! Hence the inspiration for today’s beginner painting tutorial.


Today’s post is about making the best of our situation and appreciating what we have. Do you have some inexpensive watercolor paints from when you first started out? How about a tube of Chinese white paint that came in a watercolor set that you just never knew what to do with. Today we are going to use inexpensive watercolors mixed with chinese white watercolor to make our own gouache and paint a beautiful sunset. You can also paint this with acrylics if you prefer, heck you can use oils too just swap out the watercolor paper for a canvas panel. If you have never picked up a brush before this is the perfect project to try, it’s a no fail recipe:) So, let’s forget it’s winter for a bit and step into this lovely tropical beach scene!

Reasons you should try this technique:
1. You are using the paint more thickly and will less water so lower quality paper can be used and still look nice.
2. It is a great way to use up those tubes of white and some economy paints if you have upgraded your watercolors recently.
3. It is a nice “bridge” technique if you are going from watercolor to acrylics or oils.
4. It allows you to capture pastel colors without watering down your paints which can be problematic on low-grade paper.
5. It’s fun!



I hope this inspired you to paint and it gives you a new idea on a different way to put your watercolors to use. As for me I think I’ll put on some steel drum music, make a pitcher of lemonade and dream of summer. Happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Lindsay, this is a beautiful painting as always. :O)


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – Easy Sunset Painting Tutorial, Limited Palette, DIY Gouache

    I think that the project came out beautifully and as I have said previously I learn so much from watching your video tutorials Lindsay.

    Till the next time





  3. This is beautiful and makes me want to try my hand at watercolor painting.


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