Vintage and Modern Card Ideas with the Same Stamp!

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you two very different cards using stamps from my Budding Spring Stamp set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Both of the cards also feature peg stamps!


The first card involves scene building, masking and watercoloring with ink pads to create a storybook like scene.


The next card is quick and modern for those times when you want a cheerful card in a flash!


Watch the tutorial to see how I made them:

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*Here is the glue I use to mount my unmounted stamps, a bottle lasts for years and you can squeeze drops onto a non stick surface, let it dry and make your own glue dots too!

Other Supplies:

1. Stamp the main images in scene masking if needed.
2. Press ink pads to tile to create your watercolor palette.
3. Wet the background and pick up ink with the waterbrush and add it to the wet background.
4. After the background is dry you can color the other elements.
5. Fill in the scene with peg stamps masking if needed. You can also spatter on ink to give an impressionistic look to the landscape.

I hope you try these fun ideas on your next card! Happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “Vintage and Modern Card Ideas with the Same Stamp!

  1. I love the detail in the first card, but the second one is my favorite. It is just so fun looking and I can see it being used in multiple ways. 🙂


    1. All the inks from the boho tree are from the summer assortment: and the vintage one with the bunny were mostly from the neutral assortment with some of the summer colors. I got my colors by buying the assortments as it was cheaper and I think I only got one double (grass green) wen I ordered them all but that is one of my favorite colors so it’s OK:) No dupes between summer and neutral tho:)


  2. A great video tutorial Lindsay, I learnt a great deal watching you from start to finish. I think the technique you have with the peg stamps is fantastic and it is obvious that you have been using these in your projects for a good while. :O)


  3. Hi Lindsay

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – Vintage and Modern Cards with the same stamp.

    I watched your video tutorial on You Tube and left a comment there and on your blog post.

    Both cards are very beautiful in their own way.

    Till next time





  4. I was so relieved to see your new stamps at Stamp Tapestry. I bought them before I saw your video. I was looking for tree/foliage stamps to use with my faerie stamps from Lavinia Stamps. They are PERFECT for this! thanks for your creativity!!


  5. I love these new stamps you designed. Haven’t used them yet, but I have cut them out and put tack it on the back. The scene building is beautiful but looks very time consuming….don’t know if I could give that one away. Thank you for inspiring me and showing ways to use these stamps…I need a road map to get my own vision going. Also thanks for leaving the mistakes in as it helps me see how to fix my own.


  6. Love these cards i got all the stuff to make them!! Where can i find paper to make envelopes i love that you showed us how to do that in one of your videos. I have made some enveopes but the sides crack paper is too thick. Where do you get your enveope paper? Thank you so much!


    1. I get the stacks at Joannsby DCWV, they have 180 sheet stacks that are the perfect thickness. All the big box craft stores should have similar ones too:)


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