Easy Watercolor Landscape! (Timelapse)

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint a lovely scene of a mountain, forest and lake in watercolor. I loosely based the painting on an image from The Artist Photo Reference: Landscapes book I bought last month. I love this book because there are so many photos of different lakes, mountains, trees and skies and you can adapt the photos to meet your needs. Unfortunately they are out of print so you just have to see what used bookstores ave for sale on Amazon. I was able to get all of the book in the series at an awesome price last month on Amazon. Good luck if you are hunting them down.


If you are a beginner I recommend you watch the video through once all the way before painting, then you can restart the video and pause as needed (or use the gear at the bottom of the player to slow down the video) so you can go at your own pace.


I hope you enjoyed this easy beginner tutorial! Painting does not need to be hard or complicated. Take a bit of time each day to practise and you will progress in no time! Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Easy Watercolor Landscape! (Timelapse)

  1. Hi Lindsey: At my 55 years, I’m starting to get into painting. Although I’m not very good at it, I do enjoy that it’s so relaxing. I’ve tried two of your beginner paintings so far (1 watercolor, 1 oil). I am proud of them, but would also like your (honest) opinion so I can better my skills. Is there a way I can send you a picture of them?


  2. I love this one Lindsay. You make it look so easy and accomplishable. Thank you. Generally I still watch. I’ve even purchased one of your classes,but keep myself too busy to create art. I’m sure that is one of the things missing in my life. It does make me happy to watch your watercolor tutorials!!


  3. Beautiful as always Lindsay, how you can talk, paint, think about answers to questions all at the same time is beyond me. Talking is my main thing, then everything else has to stop if I want to do something else. When I craft I am usually very, very quiet and almost ‘in the zone’ some would say. Can’t wait until the next video tutorial. :O)


  4. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your blog page – Easy Watercolour Landscape.

    I watched your video tutorial and I am always so enthralled whilst you are painting Lindsay that I don’t realise the time. It is very relaxing watching you paint and I do learn a lot, thank you.





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