Playing with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultraviolet!

Hi friends! I was brainstorming some idea with REbecca over at Rubber Stamp Tapestry the other day and she suggested trying a project with the color of the year and I thought that was a great idea as purple is a color I don’t use very often.

Since it is not one of my go to colors I didn’t have any cardstock, pattern paper or ribbon that was that particular shade of blue-violet so I grabbed my media and got to work!

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that it took the course of 2 days to make the backgrounds, create the cards and clean up after myself (which, truth be told happened several days after the mass creation!) In fact I walked down to my studio yesterday forgetting the state I left it in and just about had a heart attack thinking someone came in and ransacked the place LOL! I didn’t use all of the supplies I grabbed but it did get me looking at and using stuff I had forgotten about. I am going to show you the process of making the backgrounds I used in these cards and I urge you to try something similar with the media you have on hand. Don’t feel like you must have the exact stuff I used, feel free to substitute, we are not making a souffle, substitutions will be just fine:) And, hey, if you mess up, keep adding more layers til you like it!


This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Use coupon code FRUGALJANUARY18 on all stamp orders over $10, expires 1/31/18

Supplies for Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

Other Supplies

The only rule here is to have fun! Don’t worry if your paper warps as you work because using it later in the die cutter will flatten it right out. Also make sure you cut your window before you emboss it so you don’t squash out the texture. You really can’t go wrong, just keep going until you like how it looks!

Exciting Announcement!!!!

I have a new line of stamps coming out with Rubber Stamp Tapestry! If you want to get your hands on them make sure you sign up for their VIP newsletter so you will be the first to know when they are available! My samples just came in the mail today and I can’t wait to play with them! I hope you like them:)

I hope this post inspired you to dig out that messy media and play! I have a couple of tutorials if you want to make your own gelatin printing plate. I have a traditional plate and a permanent plate. Make sure you refer to the recipes in the video descriptions of the videos for the most tried and true recipe. Either of the homemade plates can be remelted if you want a different size or if it gets scratched. Due to the expense of the glycerin needed for the permanent recipe I am not sure if you save much in making one over buying a gel plate so I’d probably recommend making a traditional plate and freezing it between uses so it doesn’t get moldy. Wow, that’s a lot of info! Don’t get overwhelmed, just grab supplies and play…yeah, I could have just said that from the start huh? Til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    I love this colour in fact any shade of purple at present is my go to colour. Love the backgrounds you made and how you used these in your projects. Thank you for a great video tutorial. :O)


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – Playing with Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Ultraviolet!

    I loved watching your video tutorial using this vibrant colour which I particularly love at the moment.

    Thank you can’t wait for further video tutorials.


    :o) >


  3. Gorgeous cards! I really enjoyed watching your process.Can’t go wrong with purple…or pink…or yellow…or green… Seriously, just one colour of the year? I use so many colours all year around and year after year! lol
    I have been watching your videos for ages and get a great kick out of your energy and happy attitude. BUT for some reason I never realized you had a blog. I don’t know where my head was. My bad!
    I was excited too when I learned you are in Maine. I am next door in New Brunswick. I love going to Maine to shop at the craft stores in Bangor. (Just waiting for the dollars to get a little more even so I can go on another shopping spree) You have access to so many more supplies then we do here in the Maritime provinces. Shopping on line isn’t such a great option for us across the border since shipping alone makes the products too pricey.
    Thank you so much for all your great videos with the very easy to follow tutorials and great ideas. I always learn something to help me with my crafting in each one. Cheers, eh!


  4. Wonderful….. Love Peg’s stamps!


  5. My favorite color next to turquoise.


  6. I hope you will do videos on your new stamps with some wonderful ways to use them.


  7. Hi Lindsay I am so far behind in my emails i am so happy and excited for you on your stamps looking forward to o seeing them hugs to you Bev


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