How To Draw and Paint a Bird of Paradise Flower (for beginners) and a Cheap Paint Review!

Hi friends! I developed this project to satisfy three viewer requests:  1. Paint a Valentines card, 2. paint a bird of paradise flower and 3 review the  MozArt Komorebi  watercolor paints.


These paints remind me a lot of Gansai Tambi watercolors, you can see my review of those here. In today’s video we will sketch and paint a bird of paradise and discuss the difference between eastern and western watercolor paints. This is a great beginner project of warm up for a day of painting. Have fun with it!


Review of the MozArt Komorebi watercolors.

Product details:
40 full pans of colors that are housed in individual full pans that can be removed. Comes with a paintable color chart, plastic liner that can be used as a mixing surface and metal tin.

Cost: $25
Rich vibrant colors including 6 neon and 8 metallics
Contains good bright clear primaries as well as convenience mixes
Works well on lightly sized paper like art journals and cardstock as the paint is a bit thick.

No pigment info available
Does not move much on paper compared to traditional watercolor paints
No refill pans available

Who is this paint best for? This is an “eastern style” watercolor paint which means it is thicker and designed for use on unsized paper like rice paper so I would recommend this paint for cardmakers, scrapbookers, art journalers and papercrafters as it will be much easier to work with on uncoated papers and cardstocks than traditional watercolors. Also because I can’t find pigment info the colors are probably not lightfast so I wouldn’t recommend them for permanent work that will be hung in sunlight. They should be just fine in a journal though.

Bottom line: If you like the popular Gansai Tambi watercolors you will like the MozArt Komorebi  too as they feel and behave the same as far as I can tell from my work with both brands of paint. Good paint for the price!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    This is more my type of painting, a small object or a flower head. I will sketch them and then think of what colour or medium to add. Yours as always is beautiful and thank you for all the tips throughout the tutorial.


  2. Thank you was a great have to make a picture and a great review on Paint


  3. Love love love this. I just made this and you made it so simple for me to do with my cheap watercolor set. I however must have those paints. They are gorgeous.


  4. Great DIY and a easy way to add artistic color to your walls.


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