Get Unstuck!

Hi friends! Given the fact that we are on the internet right now there is a good chance we are procrastinating. I totally get putting off an unpleasant task but what about when we put off something that we love to do, like creating? Today we are going to talk about creative block, perfectionism, getting stuck and getting started so hopefully by the end of the video you will be ready to jump into your next creative project!

Did any of those points resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to hear what John Cleese has to say about creativity you can watch his talk here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Been there, experienced all these downfalls to being creative!!! Thanks for the tips Lindsay! I am finding that if I get an idea for a project, I need to go do it rather than catalog it to be done later….I have my jumping off place to begin, so it should be the very next thing on my To Do List! This really does help motivate me and help in the choosing what to do with my many supplies – LOL!
    Paper Hugs,


  2. Every day, after I finish journaling, I look at blog feeds to see how well they match my day’s writing. Today I wrote on procrastinating on the very large goal of completely revising my creative space. It is mid-way to done. And I have all day, lol. Your blog feed was at the top. Needless to say, I am delighted with your video and inspired to finish. Thank you!


  3. I watched John Cleese. He was very interesting. Some good points and much food for thought, and perhaps, action.


  4. I restarted the Fly Lady system this year (oh, the dust after the decorations came down) and I am now going to have a 15min daily slot to craft as a reward for keeping things up to date.
    Thankyou so much for giving me permission to craft guilt free….
    Off to start a card now,
    Happy New Year,
    Anne in Scotland


  5. Thank you so much for all the info. I have an entire bedroom to myself but never get up the gumption to create. I watch a lot of videos watching others create but never do it myself.


  6. I find myself smiling during your videos. Your enthusiasm for your career is amazing and revs me up, too. Yes, you talk quickly; but I catch myself leaning in to listen to you and watch your adorableness. Thanks for your tips and words of wisdom. I have a game plan for today’s accomplishments. Off I go into my craft room to CREATE!!!


  7. Thank you, Lindsay! Makes a lot of sense. You articulated what I have been trying lately. I am now retired and did not feel as productive as when I was working. I have been setting specific creative goals or projects for each day. This has been working. I belong to a FB group to make a Christmas card a day. There are optional themes for each week now. But at the first of last year, we did not have the themes. Deciding what I was going to use/make each week was challenging and I always was starting and finishing at the last minute. I would start the week assembling individual piles/stacks of items that would combine for “the perfect” card. So many piles & stacks. Then when the admins came up with a list of “optional” themes I realized I was more focused! Setting boundaries and confines and limiting options!! Just what you said! Thank you. I also enjoyed and agreed with so much in John Cleese’ lecture.


  8. First of all I have to tell you that you look GREAT. Do you have peeps now that do your hair and makeup? Lol. Maybe all your cleaning up has given you a new found calmness. Love the idea to craft something 15 mins a day. I am going to give it a try. Happy New Year! Sue,DE


  9. I have been slowly coming to these conclusions on my own. It was nice to hear them connected. Someone said she had to narrow down 30 years of crafting supplie to live in an RV soon. I told her I don’t envy her but I have found having limited supplies can actually be helpful in creating. I recently bought two misti bags. And filled each one with paper, several stamp sets, ink cubes, coloring mediums such as markers or water colors. I figured having a bag to go with limited supplies lets me have some choices but less choices to just pick something out of the bag and start working on them. I figure I will change out the stamps sets every month or so for new ones.


  10. I just moved into a 5th wheel RV last July and thought I had downsized my years of acquired craft supplies to ‘fit…, well I realized that I cut down on everything but them! I am retired now and on a fixed income so I’m now using all the things I kept to enjoy that creative side of myself and not buying anymore. Your video is timely, like so many others I get overwhelmed with what to do/use first. I agree with John Cleese and your suggestion of setting a boundary for space and time.
    That will also get me out of doors (I’m in California so climate is not usually an issue) to do some watercolor work since I share my space with my strictly indoor cat who thinks my attention should always be focused on him! Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem interested at all when I’m knitting. You are so delightful to watch, always inspiring and talk the fastest when the most passionate about your topic lol I get louder when I am excited so I can relate…I just speed up my listening to keep up with you. I was born in Maine and was delighted to ‘discover’ you on YouTube about a year ago, thank you for you encouraging, inspiring and cheerful approach to creating!


  11. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your Blog Post – Get Unstuck!

    I have left a comment on your blog post.

    Speak to you soon.





  12. Totally right Lindsay, my New Years Resolution is to use up my stash of card stock and DSP before purchasing more. It was hard initially but now I find I am able to look at some paper and create, rather than want to create and then go find some paper. Love your videos, you are so passionate about your craft, its no wonder you talk fast because you do not miss anything out. :O)


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