It’s OK to Fail & Grab Bags for Sale!

Grab Bags are Sold Out! Thank you so much for your support:)

Hi friends! Last weekend we emptied out the retail booth I have rented for the last few years. I used this space to sell paintings, cards, jewelry and crafts. As my schedule got more and more full I decided that this was a better way for me to have work for sale then attending craft fairs as my shop was manned by the company I rented from. Every month or sho I dropped off new items (the stuff I made in YouTube tutorials) and freshened things up. It was fine. It gave me a temperature controlled place to store my artwork where customers could come and buy it if they liked. Some months I made a profit, other months I barely made rent.


You will try many different things during your journey as an artist, some will pan out and some won’t. Some will succeed at first but then will change. Don’t let the fear of failing keep you from trying. All you need is one great idea once in a while and the more ideas to put out there the greater your chances for success. One of the best things about my YouTube career is that I can keep posting new projects for free. It is often the ones that I think “Will anyone even watch this?” that end up being the project that inspires and resonates with others. Then I get to hear the wonderful comments from happy people who made the project and to think I almost didn’t post it. Sometimes you can’t tell what idea will be a winner and what will flop. You can’t win if you don’t play right?


I always say “You either succeed or you learn.” From my antiques shop experience I learned that only exposing my art to a small local market limited its potential. The shop I rented was in an antiques mall so all of the shoppers were there to buy antiques. Sure, some folks were buying gifts so they would buy a birthday card or they were looking for home decor so they would buy a painting but most were looking for antique treasures for themselves or resale. Art is subjective and it is a niche product so I finally accepted the fact that it was a product better suited to a website. I also realized that the massive amount of paintings and cards I had on display would take an eternity to list online and I want a fresh start so I am selling a limited number of art & card grab bags here on the blog!

Guaranteed in each grab bag:

  • 1 watercolor painting
  • 1 hand painted watercolor greeting card
  • 5-8 handmade cards
  • 1 pair of handmade earrings
  • 1 other handmade goodie

Other goodies include:

  • Beaded wire bubble wands
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Felt flower barrettes
  • Fabric shopping bag organizers
  • Handmade hand warmers
  • Knit items
  • Handmade journals
  • Wire rings
  • Pendants, brooches and charms

The grab bags are $50 with USA shipping included. I am planning on using USPS Priority Mail flat envelopes so I can really fill them with goodies without worrying about shipping  weight! The items in the grab bags will be gift quality so you can pass along items that are not your style. Grab bags are a gamble, I get it, so here is a photos of one grab bag’s contents (and I’ll probably tuck in a few extras!)


It was really fun when I went through all of my shop inventory yesterday because I had forgotten so many of the projects I had made over the years. I remembered how I felt as I designed a new items and it instantly took me back to that feeling of creativity. That said I want to start fresh so I can have a blank slate and room for my creativity to grow. I have had so many people ask if I would sell my cards, jewelry and crafts online, well now’s your chance to get them! If you would like to purchase a grab bag please email me at: and put “Grab bag purchase” in the subject line and I will send you a PayPal invoice. I only have 20 grab bags available and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Thank you so much for your support and til next time happy crafting!

PS I also have one Bow Making Jig for sale if anyone is interested email me. $25 shipped within the USA.



17 Responses

  1. What a great idea for moving out your stock to make way for new! I hope it is hugely successful! That said, I already sent you my email!! 🙂
    I so enjoy your tutorials! As always, thanks for sharing your time, talent and experience!!

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  2. “You either succeed or you learn.” Thanks for the inspiration.

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  3. Great idea, I love the playful nature of the art I have enjoyed watching you create. I am interested.


  4. great idea and initiative.there is a saying that say “what you have and don’t need, outside somewhere someone need and you will make him happy”
    change always bring space for new things
    i enjoy a lot your , it is my inspiration to try new paintings – water color pencils
    good luck and thanks for sharing🙂🙂🙂


  5. Great idea! And what a large bunch of awesomeness in one bag! I’m gonna see if my husband can find 50$ for me, lol.

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  6. You are really inspiring Lindsay! I love your channel and I appreciate all that you do!


  7. Very cool! Love your videos & your enthusiasm. I wish I could afford one of your grab bags but as disabled retired old woman on a tiny fixed income it’s “not in the cards” (LOL) for me but I wish you the best of luck with your sale & your future endeavors. Happy New Year!


  8. Lindsay, I understand all of your changes and I think going with a new blog and moving on to using the web to sell your works of ART is a great idea. What I would give for the $$ to buy one of your grab bags. But they won’t be around long since I think they are a great buy for the price. I look forward to anything you have in store for us in 2018. And, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Oh, and great idea to have your Hubby join in with your endeavors?!

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  9. I would love one! What a great inspiration!


  10. Wow! The grab bags were gone so fast. Disappointed that I missed them. Congratulations on such a quick sale.


  11. darn I missed out again


  12. Hi Lindsay,

    I feel for you, as you have had to close down your shop. But as you say its a new beginning. I am sad that I cannot get one of your goodie bags because I live outside the US but I totally understand because shipping is horrendous. I hope that these are sold quickly for you. :O)


  13. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your latest blog post about the Grab Bags for Sale.

    I would have loved to had one of your Grab Bags but unfortunately I live outside the US.

    This will be a change for the better I am sure Lindsay.





  14. I do love your tutorials and your fiesta, fun way you present them!
    I have a problem..I’m not sure how to send you a question. I’m trying to find a DIY for Chunky Beads. I can’t find it under your demonstrations, it’s probably right in front of me-if you can help!! Thanks So Much!!


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