Live Watercolor Lesson Today & Tips for Setting up a Small Art Space!

Edited to add the finished painting. Have an awesome weekend!


Hi friends!  I am so happy I have internet, I was expecting to lose power with the crazy blizzard we had yesterday so I even had a backup video to post if that was the case but that tutorial will wait til Sunday and today we will paint live on YouTube at 12:30pm Eastern Time. During the slow week between Christmas and New Year I set about arranging my winter art space in my office upstairs. Normally I prefer to work and film in my basement but it gets chilly in the winter and loud as you can hear when the furnace kicks on. So in the winter my art area downstairs is more of a storage room and I work in my office. Here is a look at my creative corner.

I thought I’d share this, even though it is not the most beautiful space because it is very functional and a realistic option for many people. Let’s face it, few of us have a spare room we can devote to art. I took over a corner of my unfinished basement 10+ years ago and did the best with what I had. The black fabric hanging from the ceiling is to dampen echo while recording. I am thinking about ordering some acoustic foam panels but as you know I am a resourceful tight-wad LOL:) I found a calendar based on the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I hung that on my wall. It is one of my favorite productivity books. The small shelf in front of my desk holds my laptop. I try to keep my workspace as clear as possible.  I put my most often used tools on the shelf to my right. If you are a lefty you would probably want the shelf on your left. I took an old spice rack and put in my Prismacolor Pencils and Spectrum Aqua Watercolor pencils as well as a few odd-ball Albright Durer Watercolor pencils and Caran D’ache Supracolor pencils. They all work well together so why not?

Next to that is a bookshelf (BTW all of my studio furniture are cast-offs from other parts of the house emptied during my year-long declutter process) I have my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and my Studio 71 brush markers and some odds and ends. Alcohol markers play well together too and since I have a lot of them due to reviews over the years I have enough for a full assortment upstairs and downstairs. My kids can help themselves to any of these supplies as well. I have a little bit of everything on this shelf, some watercolor crayons, my Rembrandt watercolor 48 set, a paper trimmer, a tray with mini ink pads and in the tip out bins I have acrylic paint pens, clear stamp blocks, watercolor crayons and a random junk bin. I have my favorite reference books and some art paper pads on the shelf below. Basically I want to have a versatile assortment of supplies to create with on hand so I don’t have to run downstairs all the time to get more supplies. I do keep on shelf empty (under the pencils) for bringing up supplies for particular projects and when I am done it goes back downstairs.

I raised up the height on my drafting table so I can stand or sit to work. I can’t sit too long or my back gets stiff and sore. That is a reminder that I need to move so I will go up and down the cellar stairs a few times to limber up and usually I think of something I need to fetch for a project or I have something to return. Since I work at home I might start a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher or do another chore that is active. I find these small brain breaks help keep me stay fresh and inspired. No two crafters had the same space available but I hope this inspires you to make a spot for art in your home. A card table with a rolling cart under it can house plenty of supplies so see what you can do with what you have. I have a door to my backyard right next to my desk which s great in the spring, summer and fall but this time of year it is drafty so I just sealed it with a weatherstripping kit it and what a difference it made to the warmth of the room. I recommend doing that if you have  a drafty area as it will save you money and will make working more comfy. Here is the view of my backyard. There is also a bird feeder I can watch from my desk:)

I hope you got some ideas there. Now on to today’s tutorial. We will be painting live from this reference photo. I was in the mood for something bright and summery:)

You can watch the live stream or reply in the player below but if you want to chat live be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page. Sarah is not feeling well today but my daughter Maizy will be filing in relaying questions to me.

Supplies (Use any kind you like, I’ll link what I am using below)

I hope you are having a great start to 2018! Good luck digging out if you were hit by the storm. I stepped onto my porch and snapped this pic. I am so glad I kept my porch decorations up, I think I will until the kissing balls start to turn brown, I am so pleased with how well they are lasting and how fresh they still look. See you shortly for the live show! Happy crafting!



20 Responses

  1. Great little space. Oh boy would I love to go out and put footprints and snow angels in that beautiful fresh snow! Keep warm!


  2. You have way more snow there than we do in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana! We’re at 3500 feet, what’s your altitude? Happy 2018 to you and yours😍


  3. Love the finish picture, a lot of good tips. Thanks Linsay


  4. It was another great tutorial today and I am now sitting in my office/studio trying to figure out how to clean it up. As always, you are giving me a peptalk just as I need it. I split my room into two functions – art and writing – but neither side is working for me. I’m up to my eyeballs in clutter. You have given me my first step. USE WHAT I HAVE! I’m going to look at the storage option in the room and see how I can use them better, or if they should just go to another part of the house or to another home. Best wishes for another great year ahead.


  5. Maisey was wonderful. She deserves 3 thumbs up!


  6. I love your painting. It’s beautiful. What about acoustic ceiling tiles on the wall. Just use the caulk type adhesive and slap them on the walls. It may make the area a bit warmer to boot. Keep up the beautiful work.


  7. Love your art space. I am in the process of making my own little space in my closet. I have been working on this project for a little over a month now. I have a ton of stuff to organize. I have the same pencil/marker organizer as you, it works great for all those colored markers. Wish I had your view though, beautiful. Everyone should have a space to create, it’s good for the soul. Have a Happy New Year.


  8. Wow, that is a lot of snow! One of my best friends moved from Mississippi to Boothbay Harbor, Maine a few years ago. We visited and it is so beautiful. Winters are quite an adjustment for a southern girl and she has been sending us pics of the crazy blizzard. Glad y’all did not lose power. Thanks for sharing your small craft space, very nicely organized!


  9. Do you sort your markers etc by brand or colors?


  10. Hi Lindsay,

    Your small craft space looks so cosy, and I must say your Kissing Balls looks so festive against the snowy background. :O)


  11. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with a link to your latest Blog Post.

    I managed to catch you live painting with your daughter Maisy which was great.

    Your house in the snow looks so pretty but I am sure that you are not finding it pretty when you have to live with it.





  12. Just wanted to share a frugal idea. Have a friend that records music and he took inexpensive canvases that you paint on and he glued foam sheets on them then he covered them in a brown faux leather fabric and hung them up. They muffle noise and echo and also don’t look bad.

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  13. Love this post I watch your videos all the time but for some reason I can never leave a comment – When I click on from you tube even though I have youtube and I am a you tube follower of yours- I absolutely love watching your videos. You are so fun to watch. Happy New year I hope your year is successful beyond your dreams


    • huh, that is odd, I have to approve comments here if you have never posted before but that’s all. I am not sure why you cant comment on youtube.


  14. Loved the video and the craft room info. Your house looks like it’s in a beautiful, peaceful place. Thanks.


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