Layered Gel Printing Tutorial!

Hi friends!  We are hunkering down for the upcoming storm tomorrow! They have already cancelled school for tomorrow for the kids. They are calling for 12+ inches of snow and high winds so we might lose power. When we lose power our internet goes out (we are lucky, we have a generator but it still knocks the internet out) so I am blogging this project tonight in case I lose internet access:) I am planning to film a painting tutorial tonight before the storm in case I have no power on Friday for the live stream. Wish me luck:)

Tonight I want to share a fun gel (aka gelatin) printing workshop. I will show you how cool it looks when you layer gel prints. It can be discouraging to see beautiful gel printed paper papers and then when you go to try they don’t look as interesting as others you have seen. It’s not anything you are doing wrong, you just need more layers. There is no limit to the amount of layers you can add to a print, you just go until you are happy with it! In today’s video you will get to see how the prints look in progress layer upon layer (hot mess stage and all!) I hope you enjoy it and give it a try!

Sponsored by Smart Art!  get a box of full-sized art supplies delivered to your door every month. The December box had supplies from Gelli Arts including a 5″x7″ plate, brayer, acrylic paint and blank cards to print on. You can sign up for a subscription to get a surprise project sent to you every month or check out some of their past boxes. You get everything you need for a particular lesson in each box and you can use supplies from several boxes together as your collection grows.


There are many hand supplies you can use in gel printing. You can even make most of your supplies. Below I will list some suggestions!

*Feel free to use any textured items you have around the house that you don’t mind getting painty like: Mesh produce bags, bubble wrap, string, burlap, plastic bags, leaves, lace, ribbon, feathers, rubber bands, sponges, rubber shelf liner, plastic canvas, mesh, gauze etc.


1. wash your brayer well with soap and water after printing because dried paint can leave bumps on the surface and it can prevent the brayer from rolling well if the axle gets cakes with paint. The brayer in the kit pops out of the handle for easy cleaning.

2. Use craft paint that comes in bottles rather than thicker artists acrylic, it works better and it cheaper too!

3. If at first you don’t succeed, layer, layer layer! Since you are using acrylics you can keep layering until you are happy with it.

4. Have fun!

If you are in the path of the storm stay safe and warm and hopefully I will be online friday with a live stream and if not hopefully I will have something prerecorded:) Take care and til next time happy crafting!



10 Responses

  1. Hope the storm is easy on you…


  2. Good luck, Lindsay! Hope you don’t lose power. We have been getting hit with a lot of snow and sub-zero temps here in NW Indiana too. 😦 We even lost power, but just for a couple hours last night. So, I understand! Stay safe and warm!


  3. We had snow in central & north fl today!!!! Most of my family is in new england, keep safe and warm up there!


  4. You reminded me how Fun it is to play with the gelli plate. Maybe we will get a snow. That would be the perfect snow day.


  5. Thank you Lindsay for always thinking of us too.

    Stay warm and safe, will be thinking of you all. :O)


  6. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your Blog post.

    I can’t even think what it must be like to be expecting a storm such as that you are, [lease stay home warm and safe, thank you.


    :O) >


  7. I’ve done gel printing before, but never tried so many layers. Perfect project for today as I have a day off of work because of the storm. It’s going to start out as rain here, so we are only looking at 8″ or so, but that’s more than enough for me.

    I really prefer listening to narration over music. You aren’t just talking about what you are doing, but why you are doing it. Much more interesting and informative.


  8. Please stay safe and warm throughout the coming storm, Lindsay! Our thoughts are with everyone on the East coast in the path of the storm. Here in the Midwest we have been experiencing brutal cold and dangerous wind chills for the past 12 days. It’s too cold to spend any time in my little studio downstairs. Enjoy a ‘snow day’ with your family near!💗


  9. Just thought I would let you know the pintrest thing doesn’t work. It just sits there and spins and never pins.


  10. Hi there fellow crafters. I watched you gel printing videos while taking down my Christmas decorations. It was the most fun I ever had doing this task. I was putting away the old and learning about the new. Great stuff!


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