Don’t Wait for Perfect

Hi friends! As 2017 draws to a close and we all start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the new year I want to remind you that you can start something great at any time. You don’t have to wait for the beginning of a new year or even a new week to make positive changes and go after your goals.


I often find myself in conversations with people where we end up talking about stuff we would like to do. It’s not long into these talks when I hear “As soon as I ______ then I will get to __________.”  Or “If only I could _________ then I would___________.” When the “as soons” and “If only’s” start to rear their ugly heads I know my friends are in trouble. As Soon and If Only are sneaky little devils. They enable us to put off the really great things we could do to improve our lives.  Here are some of their greatest hits:

  • As soon as the holidays are over I’ll start exercising and eating right.
  • If only I didn’t need this job I could follow my dreams of being a painter.
  • As soon as I can afford a top of the line computer I’ll open an ESTY shop.
  • There’s no point even trying unless I can do it perfectly.

Unless is As Soon and If Only’s awful cousin. When you see them trying to weasel their way into your plans kick them out. You don’t need that negativity. Here is how you handle those sneaky so-and-sos:

Instead of: “As soon as I learn the best way to sell my products online I’ll open and ETSY shop” Try this: “I’ll make and ETSY account, list my crafts and learn as I go!” OR “If only I had a fancy, expensive, nice camera I could make a YouTube video.” Try “I’ll make a video with my smart phone to get started, I can always get a fancy camera later if I like it!” OR “As soon as I save up a years income I’ll quit my job and start a business.” Try “I’ll build my business in the evenings while I am still working my 9-5! Who needs to binge watch Game of Thrones Anyway?”


I am not trying to make anyone feel bad or guilt you into doing anything you don’t want to do. It’s awesome if you are perfectly happy with your life the way it is but if you’re not take action. Don’t try, DO! Life is seldom perfect. We are all on different paths and have been dealt different cards in life but you are the only person who can make the change you want in your life. That’s your job. Don’t let another year go by if there are things you want to improve. You are the only person who can do it and the perfect time is now.

The other troublemaker you need to watch out for is “Someday”

  • “Someday when I have the time…”
  • Someday when I have the money…”
  • “Someday when I don’t have to…”
  • “I’ll use this awesome thing I have been hoarding someday”

There are seven days in the week and not one of them is called “Someday.” Today is what we’ve got folks. Make it a good one!

What do YOU want to do in 2018? Let me know in the comments. Let’s cheer each other on. We got this! Happy crafting!

44 thoughts on “Don’t Wait for Perfect

  1. Thank you! This is going on my bathroom mirror. I want to start selling my designs. Starting today. Happy New Year Lindsay!


  2. I am so guilty of all of this. I am going to make a huge change in my thinking and doing in 2018. I think my word of the year for 2018 will be NOW. Thank you, you are such an inspiration.


  3. Thanks for the encouragement. Happy New Year & best of luck on you new ventures! How did you know I was binge watching Game of Thrones?!!


  4. Hi Lindsay,

    Wow what fabulous words, I felt myself begin to become a nodding dog as I read more and more of your Blog Post Lindsay. I totally agree with everything that you said and will be thinking a lot harder about what I am going to do. I am going to use up the resources I have in my craft stash that are replaceable e.g. card stock, DSP etc. Because I am terrible at purchasing more if I like the look of them or it they are a bargain. Thank you again for the inspiring words. Happy New Year. :O)


  5. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email which has a link to your latest Blog Post.

    Your Blog Post was so inspiring, I am really going to have to think now before I do or say something.

    Happy New Year





  6. Wise words and so true of us procrastinators, thank you from probably one of your oldest followers. It’s never too late to take good advice. Happy New Year to you and yours. As for me, I finally will have time to start your two classes as I await your next one.


  7. Lindsay I don’t comment often but I read your blog pretty regularly. I wanted you to know I greatly appreciate your positivity in both your videos, your blog posts & life in general. I wish you a healthful, happy and successful 2018. I’m looking forward to see how your husband joining you in your endeavors allow for you to make some changes & what those changes will be. Happy New Year!


  8. Such wise words. Now I just have to tattoo it on my forehead so I don’t forget it! I’ve got a couple project ideas to work on that I AM going to do this year.
    I think the perfection idea got drilled into me when I was a kid or else it just stuck in my memory, but I can remember my dad saying if you aren’t going to do something right then don’t do it at all. Most of the time I didn’t so I know undoing that thought process has been a bit of a struggle sometimes. Knowing dad, he was probably trying to encourage me, but it backfired.
    I look forward to seeing and hearing about your creative and thoughtful endeavors in the new year. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  9. Doing. That is my goal in general for the year. Not spending all my time watching Youtube, browsing Pinterest, and reading blogs (though I will always make time for the Frugal Crafter!.. just maybe have to play catch up a couple time a week), but actually doing the crafts and art I love *doing*. When was it a good idea that I thought I had to see what everyone else was doing?!? It only robbed me of my motivation, actually stole my inspiration instead of provided it, created a buying habit I need to overcome, and occasionally brought out that comparison monster that makes me think I’ll never be “that good”. No, time to force myself to step away from the computer. I just don’t know why that is so hard for me, why it is such a time suck, and so addicting. Part of it is health issues, easier to sit and just click a mouse, but the rest is all a mental thing… fear of missing out, maybe? When I didn’t know those blogs existed I was fine, but now I can’t stand not knowing what new technique Jennifer McGuire posted about, etc. You get the idea. The day after Christmas I started reorganizing my craft room though, so it feels good to be touching my things, even if I’m not crafting.


    1. Yes Mam…I hear you.
      And Karen @ misplacedmojo…boy are we all there . We need to remember these very talented ladies are there to sell products for these wonderful companies. We all have enough stuff to craft for years.


      1. Very true. I think I have enough supplies to craft for *lifetimes*. Not complaining, I like the current amount of supplies I own… I just don’t have room for it to expand, so now if something new comes in, something old has to leave. That makes me hesitant to buy knowing I have to pick something to get “kicked off the island” so to speak 😉 More importantly, I need to use this stuff. I’ve been on a crafting hiatus for almost a year, but kept buying like I was making as many cards as Jennifer McGuire. Well maybe not that bad, but I had no business buying anything if I wasn’t crafting. Gotta reverse that, craft a bunch and stop buying for a year. Well, at least curtail the spending to a monthly budget. Baby steps 😉

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    2. I am going through the very same thing in my life. Its great to see everyone’s art, but it has made me feel like I cant not competite.
      My husband was in 3 different hospital over 3 months, an our life has been on the edge.
      But I also felt watching U tube artest also saved my sprit from giving up, I wanted to try Lindsy an Jane an Tamara an others art works, an Supplies.
      Etsy is a big wish list for me… I am 69 years of age an experinces, an long to sell my art from home. I am disabled an need to be home. So being abel to LEARN, AN SELL on Etsy would be a great gift to my life.
      Bless you, an hope your gifts an life inprove as well.
      ((hugs)) Jamie Walker ♡


      1. I know what you mean about Youtube and artists feeling like a lifeline for the spirit, it worked that way fir me in the beginning, especially Lindsay who is always so energetic and positive. I don’t know when that feeling changed though… too much of a good thing maybe?
        I truly wish you well with your Etsy endevours. I seem to remember a series Lindsay offered where she teamed up with an expert in selling your wares. It should give you a starting place for learning the process.
        I hope your husband’s health issues have been resolved and he’s either well or on the road to recovery an no longer on the edge, but art and creative time can do wonders to ease the stress during times of turmoil. Be sure to make time for yourself to keep up your emotional strength during times of support to others.
        I wish you, Lindsay, and the rest of the Frugal Crafter Community, a very productive and art filled 2018!


  10. Good advise Lindsey. I actually set a goal and made a commitment to finish writing my one woman play, and perform it in July. Its me doing “Women of the Titanic”. Basically, three different women who were actually on the ship and sharing their experiences. Its taken tons of research, but finally in the writing stage. Painting-wise, I do a little most every day. Also taking a class in my community helps too. So, think I am lined up for 2018. Thanks for all your advise and videos. I have painted many of your videos and even to the level I felt comfortable giving as gifts. I also have lots of cards…if they are OK they go in the “to be sent” pile. If not, then I use them as bookmarks or the backs for practice. Nothing goes to waste here.


  11. I am guilty of the “someday” or “after the {insert current drama here}. So, that is why since relocating to Texas 3 years ago (I can’t believe the time has gone this fast!), I’ve been steadily expanding my newly updated website with eCommerce, video tutorials and teaching local jewelry making classes.

    I’m still blessed enough to have this time to focus on a creative path rather than head back to my previous life of admin/ marketing/ accounting. It’s not easy and is certainly no big money maker at the moment for me. After working multiple jobs at one time and going to school almost my whole life…this time is for me to say I am “doing it”, rather than just wishing it.

    I’m nowhere near to my goals. Overhead expenses prohibited me from opening a small bead store in my area, which is what I’d originally hoped to do. I struggle to get students committed to classes and the preparation of teaching is often a time suck that keeps me from my main focus on jewelry making and improving my sales/ brand. So, I’ve got a lot more work to do, but for now, it is “my work” and I’m so very proud to have this opportunity before I’m too old and washed up. lol

    Thanks for your inspirational post and for all the wonderful content you provide. I love watching your crafts, even though I’m not into painting, but your smile and great ideas are uplifting!

    Have a sparkle-riffic New Year!


  12. Thank you for for your inspirational thoughts. I have been watching and painting with you for a few years now and your goodness as a person shines through in whatever you are teaching. Congratulations on being a great human being as well as a great artist and teacher. Hope 2018 is a great year for you and your family!


  13. Thank you for all of your wonderful crafting ideas, inspirational thoughts and your positive, philosophical outlook on life.
    Have made up my mind to start organizing as part of a daily routine. Will set a timer and stick to it.


  14. I am starting a 2018 art journal. Everyday I plan to do a simple drawing or painting. Don’t care if it turns out great or crummy (but I prefer great lol). Because I know it’s for my eyes only & no one needs to see it…takes the pressure off. Happy 2018 to all us frugal crafters &thanks for all you do for us!


  15. I am going to explore watercoloring in more depth. I am going to learn calligraphy, and
    make cards just for the pleasure of it instead of waiting for a necessity.


  16. Happy New Year Lindsey. I’ve already made a positive to my new year I’ve started with healthy eating, this will be followed by more exercise and more painting, Love you for the inspiration you provide.


  17. Great post Lindsey!
    Thank you for the encouragement to work on my dreams instead of waiting until the perfect time to start.

    I enjoy your blog and YouTube videos… you are an inspiration!


  18. Great words Lindsay and so true. I too make cards for the love of it and donate them to a local charity shop. I get the pleasure of making them and they get the revenue plus they give me a bit back towards purchasing new supplies. Win win all round. I used to think the way you wrote about because I was stuck in between with time and no money once and then money (I was working full time) but no time. I am now retired with more control over both my time and money and I get the pleasure! Keep up the inspirational work and blog Lindsay! Happy 2018 too!


  19. Excellent advice Lindsay! You are really making me think.. Best advice to end 2017 and start this new year on a positive note! Getting off this chair and i am going to do what i love today! Thanks so much!!!


  20. Thanks for this post, it is very inspirational! I wish you and your family all the best for 2018, continue to feed us with good ideas!


  21. Thank you for the honest encouragement. I’m starting my own traveling art classes and have been steering clear of discussing my goals with family and friends who are negative influences. I have plenty of topics to be able to visit with them, and change the subject to avoid getting pulled into their negative comments for my goals!


  22. Well said Lindsay! Thank you for your wise words and wonderful watercolor tutorials. I look forward to your blog posts and tutorials every week. All the best in 2018.


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