5 Cards YOU can Make in 5 Minutes or LESS for Christmas!

Hi friends! Are you starting to feel the panic yet? Actually I have been rather calm this Christmas but the other day I realized that I have not sent my Christmas cards out yet and not only that I didn’t have enough. Now, most sane folks would just run to the store but I’m crafty (and to be honest the whole reason I got into stamping was to save money on Christmas cards, look how that turned out! 😛 ) so I decided to come up with some simple designs that would be unique, cheerful and take less time to make then driving to town and back.


Watch the video to see how! I’ll warn you, it kinda falls apart at the end! 😀

Most of the stuff I used except for the cute wooden trees I got at A.C. Moore were older things from my stash and you don’t have to have the same stuff I used to create something just as cute. So instead of a specific supply list I will put alternatives you can use from your stash!


  • White cardstock (or if you have some premade card bases or colorful cardstock you want to use up go for it and adjust the colors of paint accordingly.)
  • Colorful media such as acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, pastels, markers, watercolors or you can swipe ink pads on your cardstock!
  • Stamping inks
  • Paint brushes, Q-Tips or makeup wedges
  • Focal item: Wood shapes, die cuts, flat holiday ornaments, stickers, Stamped images you have cut out, Cute images cut from patterned paper or old Christmas cards
  • Sentiment stamps or you can hand write a greeting, print it from your computer and paste it on, use a label, tag, embellishment or sticker
  • Embossing ink and embossing powder or tinsel OR you could try a glue pen and foil or glitter.

Take the above crafty ingredients and mix and match as you like. I think t would be fun to put all of those supplies on a “Wheel of Fortune” like spinner and give it a spin to choose a supply to make a card! “I’ll take glitter and watercolor crayons Vanna!” I think Vanna White would approve as she is a crafty knitter:) OK I am getting a bit silly now, I have many presents to wrap and a few crafty gifts to finish up so I’m going to get back to work but I am glad to spend a few minutes visiting with you:) Thanks for dropping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “5 Cards YOU can Make in 5 Minutes or LESS for Christmas!

  1. I’ve been trying to use up random leftover bits & bobs this year, too. It takes me longer,b/c each card is usually mostly unique, but I started early enough, and didn’t need tons of cards, so I got all I needed. I have KEPT making them, to start a stash for next year, so I won’t have to rush and panic! I’m on disability, so I don’t feel like I can purge, but I’m determined to use up lots of “precious” stuff I’ve been “saving”, and I’ve made lots from them, and the pile is shrinking, but remarkably slowly, considering how many Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards I’ve made! I’ll keep making Christmas and Halloween till I get tired of them, concentrating on shaker cards, and more complicated ones that I never seem to have time for in December, and then my next task will be a stash of always needed birthday cards! Thanks for all you do, and I’d love to see more videos on “forgotten/neglected supplies!” Wishing you and your family a super Merry Christmas, and an awesome New Year! Sending love & hugs from North Florida! (And LOVING the snow on your page!)


  2. Love it all, especially how you happily turn everything around when things go awry. We should all be a little less uptight about our craft! Really like the non traditional colors. Thanks as always and Merry Christmas to you, your family, and all fellow craters!


  3. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your latest video tutorial. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family and friends.


    :O) >


  4. Great video! Love that you’re sending it- too late in the year to worry!! Lol. The colorful trees are best- taking us out of our comfort zone!! I’m trying them!! Merry Christmas!! —Lorraine 😎


    1. That’s Great Lorraine, if you want those wood trees they are in the dollar bin area over near the jewelry stuff at Bangor AC moore:) Merry Christmas!


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