Save Money & Make Your Own Kissing Balls!

Hi friends! This is by far my favorite Christmas decorating project! I was actually on the ball and decorated my porch before the snow fell. You will see the snow in the video tho!

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I was able to find most of the supplies I needed right in my yard! The rest of the supplies are common craft supplies and small christmas decorations but they are optional. I was able to get the floral foam (you need the kind that holds water) from the dollar tree locally  but I also found great deals on the foam and other supplies at Consumer Crafts if you want to shop online. BTW Consumer crafts has 25% off your total regular price purchase today with coupon code: XMAS17 and if you like dies their special of the week (ending today) is darice die sets for $5-$6. Also they finally got the Studio 71 marker sets back in stock and the 48 pack is on sale for $39.97. I know that is random but I had so many people ask me to share when the marker sets finally got back in stock because they sold out the day after I posted my Studio 71 Marker Review. Sorry for getting off track there, here is the kissing ball video!

You will need:

  • Floral foam: I used the 2 pack of 4″ round disks from the Dollar Tree OR save more money and get this block for $1.27 and cut it in half to make 2!
  • Velvet ribbon (I got 20 yard spools of 2″ on sale for $2 a roll (reg $5) at A.C. Moore because I wanted enough to wrap my porch posts too)
  • How to tie a velvet bow tutorial
  • Floral Wire
  • Twine
  • Berries
  • Wire cutters
  • Craft Sticks 
  • Everyday supplies: Scissors, hot glue & Glue Gun
  • Evergreen trimming from around your yard or from the Christmas tree off cuts at a home improvement store

Because of the floral foam keeping the evergreen sprigs watered your arrangement will last for a month or more, you could even water it if you like, just be careful because it can drip and make an icy patch underneath it (not good if it is hung over your front steps!) If you are hanging this indoors I’d put it in the sink once a week and water it and let it drip dry for an hour before hanging it again. If you have it outside in a cold climate I don’t think you need to do anything as the water in the foam will freeze and the evergreens are used to this so they stay nice and fresh. Only water if it is going to be somewhere warm I’d say. Otherwise it will have enough in the flower foam from the pre soaking to keep it looking good.

Let me know if you make one of these and how it turned out. Happy crafting!

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