Embossed Vellum Candy Filled Ornaments!

Hi friends! You can whip this project up in a flash. It is a great idea when you need a bunch of inexpensive goodies for a large group!


From each sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ vellum you get 4 ornaments. You can use any paper or cardstock if you don’t have vellum, in fact, you could probably use wrapping paper! Watch the video for a new spin on an old favorite (the sour cream packet!)


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I love a quick and easy project I can make is big batches, just add candy and you will have one happy group of people! Happy crafting!



4 Responses

  1. Lindsay, this is such an awesome project. So glad you popped up on my email today. I was telling my cousin about you because she was saying she hasn’t painted in a while because she can’t get the precise lines that she likes. I told her about you because you don’t paint with precise lines and your work is gorgeous. She decided to look you up and she’s so amped up about what you do! I’m so glad I told her about you. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hello, have been following you a very long time and have learned a lot !! I am still a little confused about the “embossing tinsel” you used for the vellum candy wrappers. Your e.p. was white and it looked like it had white sparkle in it. Where can i find exactly what you used. Ordered stamps and silver metallic ink but need clarification on the tinsel. Thank you, Linda Rohland


  3. Great video but I can’t believe you’ve never seen a sour cream packet in the shape of your candy ornament. That’s how most individual portions of sour cream used to be packaged by a lot of companies but recently most have gone to a simple “sleeve” packet. Here’s a pic of the one you haven’t seen: http://www.pinsdaddy.com/review-beef-nachos-and-vegetarian-burrito-at-the-magic_dMXHfChw3pjBa7EkAJw6rX085yvvBxB3k2GNnFGuEpx9pVVyjSIg*NN2Ic%7C7P30wqpUOF3z%7CMAHHqcscGuSyrA/neRMZ8NNsGDER99dLd%7CLnDibmGhHZF%7C9FY0YBv8uyosqGA9q8WMMLt80ceTonETMrw0q88ZJRYGmCiqImJLgTnfWLr9XUzZyDfAAlME5825DC4k3tNkB0qpJ76eoTOdYIPW2wPdA0MWq1y6MLHixZcjGf7hxmNYDefjNpUP%7CWSs/


  4. Hi Lindsay! I love watching your video’s and learning from you. Your approach makes it so easy! I’ve seen sour cream containers like that in restaurants. Maybe it’s a Southern thing? 🙂 Thanks for you do and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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