Pretty Winter Scene Card! LEARN Partial Embossing & Masking

Hi friends! I really enjoyed making this card and it is very easy too! It used limited supplies and you probably have nearly everything you need to make it!


I love the partial embossing technique, it really gets that “How’d you do that!?!” response which is always fun! I just realized that I would be a lousy magician because I love to give away my secrets LOL! Watch the video and yu can learn how to do this technique too!


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You can adapt this idea to other seasons as well. Experiment with inks and stamps to create sensational scenes! If you liked this video please consider sharing it with a friend using one of the handy sharing buttons below or pin it on Pinterst! That helps other like-minded crafters find my blog. Sharing is caring! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    I watched you make this card on your You Tube tutorial and thought that the techniques you demonstrated were easily manageable. I love the embossed surround which has an inked top. As Christmas is creeping up slowly and I seem to have completed all the cards people have asked me for; I think I will spend January trying out new techniques that I have watched on video tutorials in the past and never got the chance to try. My birthday is in January and so I can always ask the family members for money or vouchers so that I can purchase the resources I have not got yet in order to experiment with these new techniques. Just purchased my first craft mat it is a Ranger one, can’t wait to use ink on this rather than having to put it onto an acetate block.

    Thank you for sharing all your crafting with us on You Tube Lindsay.





  2. Like the card and technic, thanks. Your porch decorations are great, spend less but doesn’t look it.


  3. What a stunning card Lindsay! Thanks for showing me how to do the partial embossing, what a beautiful result!


  4. The entire card is absolutely beautiful! I think it was ingenious how you used the peg stamps! You taught me a new way to use them. Thanks.


  5. Couple things, I love peg stamps…So versatile! You wont be sorry to shop there. This card is gorgeous. I’m going to try the embossing technique. I hosted my 13 year old Amish neighbor friend for an afternoon of cardmaking and she had a blast. I shared some of your techniques. Can you imagine no Pinterest, social media or frugal crafter? What fun! I store my pegs like you, no reason to keep them together except I do keep animals, foliage ECT, separate. Anyway, THANKS for all you do for us,sharing you talent. It reaches far….


  6. This is just gorgeous!!Love the stamps!!


  7. Another great tutorial! Question: what ever happened to the “ask a crafter” series? Miss you and Lorraine in particular. Will there be more?


  8. Thank you for showing me how to do this. I love this card so much that I had to quickly place an order at Rubber Stamp Tapestry for some of the stamps. Not sure I will get the cards done this year, but it may possibly be next years card.


  9. Loved it! Thanks Lindsey

    On Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 1:48 PM, Thefrugalcrafter’s Weblog wrote:

    > thefrugalcrafter posted: “Hi friends! I really enjoyed making this card > and it is very easy too! It used limited supplies and you probably have > nearly everything you need to make it! I love the partial embossing > technique, it really gets that “How’d you do that!?!” response whi” >


  10. This is a gorgeous card. Love it. You have enabled me to buy more Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps. LOL Remins me I am going to have to make some tiles for trivets with them for Xmas gifts.


  11. Thanks so much for this partial embossing video. I purchased a package of 4 shapes to use with my embossing folders several years ago and could never figure out how to use them even though I had watched several videos. Your explanation was so easy to understand. The card is stunning! Will definitely try this after the first of the year. Still making Christmas Cards.


  12. Lindsay, this card is totally awesome. I love your storage of the peg stamps. You got me hooked on them, you know. You have been a plethora of information and I always learn something new from you. And, like I said, this card is awesome.


  13. I love your card Using the blue tones and this embossing folder
    all blends in to help create an elegant


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