It’s Time To Deck The Halls {DIY & Frugally of Course!}

Howdy friends! I think I have mentioned it several times lately that I am really excited for the holiday season. I have barely done a lick of shopping nor is there anything I am hoping to receive except joyful times with family and friends! I started decorating yesterday (for the first time ever before my kids were nagging me to get the decorations up LOL!) and I enjoyed myself immensely! We decided to wrap the posts on our front porch with red velvet ribbon and reuse the faux evergreen garlands on the bannister. I did not have enough ribbon on hand so I went to AC Moore and grabbed a few spools at 60% off. The ribbon I got was 1 1/2″ wide in a 20 yard long spool and I paid about $2 a roll-reg. $4.99. I was hoping to find wider ribbon but actually it worked out better this way because I could fit the whole spool between the ballasts on my porch so I didn’t have to unwind it and I liked the look of the stripes closer together, like a candy cane! I’ll show the full reveal once I have it all decorated.


This morning I got up early and started gathering “supplies” for another thrifty DIY Christmas decoration. We have a lot of different kinds of conifers growing on our property that could use a trim. We also have a berry bush that I gather decorative elements from each year. I put them directly in a dish pan with water to keep them fresh for a new project I have planned, I really hope it turns out well! We recently had lots of windy weather and walking on my property I noticed tons of pinecones had been blown down, I am going to gather those up too for my project! Any guesses what I will be making? Here is a hint, I saw some hanging outside the grocery store yesterday and they looked terrific but the $35 price tag was less so. Let me know what you think this project will be in the comments! Oh, and wish me luck!  We have had such great weather the past few days that I thought it would be a great time to get some decorating done. I figured you probably had the same idea so I went through the hundreds of Christmas DIY videos I have created over the years and picked out my 16 favorite Christmas decorating ideas and added them to the playlist below. Feel free to share any of these ideas with friends!


You also have my permission to make any of these projects to sell at craft fairs or give as gifts. That is why I make the tutorials. 🙂

I hope you have a fabulous Sunday! I’d love to know what projects you are working on today and if you have any christmas DIY requests let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting!

16 Responses

  1. Well pine cones and conifirs…that can only mean a Christmas wreath. Looking forward to the turorial.


  2. Hi Lindsay, I hope yu are making a pine cone wreath bc I want to make one also,


  3. Lindsay you look so pretty today. The wreath looks wonderful. I have been making fabric Christmas trees.


  4. Lindsay, you’re a ray of sunshine in this dark world! I love your art, and you’re enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for so generously sharing your creative ideas with us!


  5. I enjoy watching your videos no matter what you do, but if it’s NOT going to be a wreath I’m really looking forward to seeing it! Wreaths are very common here in Germany and I’m glad for some new ideas.

    BTW, when I saw the pretty picture of your porch with the “supplies” in front of the woodstack I thought THAT was the decoration! I didn’t even see it was in a dish pan, I mistook it for a bonsai pot and thought you covered something delicate with greenery and adorned it with the red berries! The picture seemed so perfect the way it is I thought: “That would be something nice to paint” … I like the way the red of the berries is repeated in the ribbons.


  6. Pine cone wreath, maybe with some evergreen and berry components?


  7. If not a wreath, perhaps a very large clear glass vase or jar filled with pinecones and accented with evergreen and berry’s and of course a beautiful bow to match?


  8. I love your thrifty ideas so much. I am re-blogging your post! Thanks for the great ideas.


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