Easy Christmas “Crackers” You Can Craft!

Hi friends! Today I have a fun wrapping you can use to wrap a gift, use as a party favor or an advent calendar!


These christmas crackers are quick and fun to make and use few supplies. If you want them to really snap you can order inexpensive cracker snaps and insert them inside the tube or between layers of tissue. It is totally up to you! I didn’t have any so I kept it simple. Watch the video to see how!

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1. Roll white cardstock into a tube and adhere in place.

2. Pink the short edge of the tissue paper stack and wrap around the tube. Twist ends closed and secure with garland or pipe cleaners. *Note, you can fill your crackers with treats now, otherwise you can untwist the end to fill at a later time. A cracker snap and be inserted at this time, follow the instructions that come with your snaps.

3. Wrap tube with patterned paper and secure.

4. Stamp a festive design on an adhesive label and stick over the seam of the pattern paper.


You could whip up a couple dozen of these in an hour making them great for an advent calendar or a classroom treat. Have fun with this idea and make it your own! It would be cute for other occasions too so keep it in mind if you need a quick favor for a birthday party or other event. Happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. What a great x- mas craft! I these would be great for my office party
    Thanks for the video fun way to start the weekend.


  2. Susan This is perfect for my little amish neighbors, there are several I like to give a little Christmas treat to. Tfs.


  3. I bought some ‘cracker’ inserts last year to include in these and everyone had a blast opening them. Got those on-line and it was a huge batch of inserts for not a lot. Thanks for the wrapping info.


  4. What a precious idea! I had no clue “cracker snaps” were available either. Thank you!


  5. Love this idea. Its very simple, inexpensive and cute. I think I will put my grand daughter’s bracelets in it this Christmas. Thank you for sharing it.


  6. Thank you for doing this tutorial. Using the table edge to curve the cardstock, using multiple sheets of tissue paper, applying double-sided tape, tying the ends with a bendy-wirey-thingy and wrapping it around a bottle to keep it straight … secrets to make the crackers attractive. I tend to do things the hard way first and forget these simple techniques that make crafting easier. It’s a condition called CRS and it is getting worse the older I get. 😉 AND I LOVE the comment about using sanitary things!


  7. These are so cute, and I agree with Cassie about your technique for making them in a more sanitary manner! They would be very attractive party favors etc.! Thanks for another great idea and video!


  8. Cool idea. I am making my first advent calendar garland to go around my fireplace mantle and these would be great to hide treats inside for my girls to open. Will have to post pics and link back to this post when I make them.


  9. I LOVE that. It looks like so much fun to do so I’ll probably make some for Christmas, or even Thanksgiving. Thanks so much.


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