Chalk Talk! Top Tips for Using Your Chalks in Cardmaking & Papercrafts

Hi friends! There are so many cool supplies coming out every day that we can easily be distracted from the gems we already have in our stash. Today I am going to share my top tips and techniques for using chalk. When I say “chalks” I am talking about soft chalky pastels, decorator chalks or even eyeshadow. I bet you have something in your house that will work for these techniques!

IMG_20171028_200714 (1)

I will share techniques using inexpensive supplies from pencils, to pastels to eyeshadow and the neat thing is that for many techniques you can use any of them. I hope this helps you get more use out of what you have or choose the right product if you are looking to add chalk to your stash.  Please note that colored chalkboard chalk is not pigmented enough for good results.

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I love the “photo tinting” feeling I get using chalk to color these vintage stamped images from our sponsor Top Flight Stamps (Use coupon code thefrugalcrafter10 to save 10% on your order, also USA orders over $50 ship free!) Speaking of photo tinting you can print out photos in grayscale and use the dry techniques to tint them with chalks. It was one of my favorite Scrapbook techniques…I really need to do that again!

IMG_20171028_200728 (1)

So, Are you ready to rock your chalk? Watch the video and get started!

Stamps from our sponsor Top Flight Stamps: Rememer save 10% with coupon code thefrugalcrafter10 at top Flight Stamps and USA orders over $50 ship free!

Pastel/Chalk Supplies:

Blenders *Note: Cosmetic sponges and pointed cotton swabs are way cheaper at Dollar Tree


In praise of vegetable glycerin! As you know from this very silly video I love to make my own supplies using glycerin. I use it to re-ink my embossing ink pads and to make homemade pigment ink. I also use it with water to rejuice my waterbased blending pens. It is useful in cake decorating and candy making as well as DIY beauty products. Also a little goes a long way and it is so useful! I had a viewer on YouTube ask if they could use a waterbrush instead of a waterbased blending pen for the brush technique. You can, however I recommend working on watercolor paper if you do as a waterbrush is going to give you more of a watercolor look at the extra water will pill ordinary cardstock. It is the glycerin in the blender marker that lubricates the tip of the marker and lets the media glide across the cardstock and that is why I recommend that method. If you don’t want to get a waterbased blending marker simply dip a pointed q-tip in the water/glycerin mix and use that, it will work the same. 😀

IMG_20171028_115140 (2)

I hope you enjoyed this video. I worked really hard on it and I’d like to make more overlooked supply focus videos in the future so if you have any ideas on what supply to feature next let me know in the comments below. If you like this video I’d love it if you shared it on social media using one of the handy sharing links below. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

PS Want more chalk ideas? Here is a DIY chalk ink made from chalk pastels and how to ink up your stamps with chalk pastels. Man, are chalks useful or what?


18 thoughts on “Chalk Talk! Top Tips for Using Your Chalks in Cardmaking & Papercrafts

  1. I had no idea that we can use the Versamark pad with pastels. Good to know. Yes, the General’s pastel pencils are very beautiful and vibrant, especially when you use them full strength (no rubbing or moving the color). I learned a lot from this video including that my idea to use eyeshadow kits is an “okay idea”. Some manufacturers make very glinty eyeshadow that’s great if you want that shine and sparkle. When my daughter spent quite a bit on some beautiful mica eyeshadows, I brought out my Pearl X powders and she was surprised to see virtually the same product but hers were in smaller containers. I can only assume the eyeshadow makers put something “extra” in the eyeshadows … maybe to make the mica adhere better, making them safer to wear on the eyes???


    1. Mica powder comes in various grades of fineness. Cosmetic grade is the only type that should ever be put on the skin. But as you have discovered, it’s also just fine for crafting! You can get both types on eBay – that’s where I got mine, it’s not very expensive and a tiny tub lasts ages. I’ve also used Barry M dazzle dust, it looks and feels virtually the same as the pure mica powder.


    2. the eyeshadow is likely a finer grade of mica, I wouldn’t use pearl exon the skin but you can buy cosmetic grade mica owers online (cheaper then pearl ex actually)


  2. I LOVE that you are using chalks, because now I feel like I’m not the only one using them still! And if anyone is buying them, the Pebbles sets are REALLY cheap at AC Moore now. TFS!


  3. Great tutorial- I did not know I could use blender pens or versa mark with chalk. Plus now I have have a use for old eye shadows, thanks so much! 🙂Do you have a favorite fixative?


    1. if you are blending the pastel you don’t need to fix it but I use Aqua net aresol hairspray to fin thicker applications


  4. Oh My Word, who knew chalks could do all that??? Well, I might have at one time, but I’d forgotten a lot of it! I have some of nearly everything you used, and lots of Christmas images that this will be perfect for! Hopefully I can stamp out a bunch and work on them in spare moments. I’d LOVE to see a series on neglected supplies! There is ALWAYS something new that comes out, and we DO forget awesome things, so it would be excellent to be reminded of them, and maybe even learn some new uses we didn’t know of. Great idea, Lindsay! I have LOTS of stencils, but I never use them because it seems like a lot of trouble to use them and clean them, compared to stamping an image swiping the stamp clean and being done. I know there are lots of techniques that are awesome, like embossing paste, inking and even paint. Maybe you could do a video that will jolt me out of my laziness?


  5. So many ideas on this video! I need to gather all those eyeshadows I don’t use anymore. Your cards are great! I love the postage stamp images.


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