Real Time Painting Lesson: Raspberry & Mint Macarons in Oils!

Hi friends! I hope you have a bit of time this Sunday to paint along with this fun beginner project (I think it would look darling hanging in your kitchen!)

IMG_20171019_132119 (2)

You can follow along with acrylics or gouache if you don’t want to use oils. You could use pastels as well as they are opaque mediums. Use what you have and enjoy!


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  • Lukas 1862 Oil Paints (Aliz Crimson, Perm. Yellow Light, Viridian, Cobalt Blue, White, Burnt sienna the colors and mediums I used were from this set which includes a table easel storage box: V19545)
  • Mimik Hog Brushes (and random small synthetic ones for details) *I have the value set: 88991
  • 9″x12″ Canvas
  • Brush soap (use this AFTER you rinse the brushes in thinner as a final washing at the end of the day, then let them dry completely before using again so you don’t introduce water into your oils)
  • Oil pastels (for sketching)
  • Reference photo

I don’t think I ever get tired of painting desserts! I don’t have the patience to bake them (and they never stay made LOL!) but I do love to paint them. It’s kinda like flowers, I have a black thumb but at least I can capture one on paper and they won’t die. That is one of the most gratifying thing about spending time painting or crafting. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time unlike the mundane chores of the day that will need to be redone tomorrow. Take some time to pursue your creativity this weekend (the dust will wait for you.) 🙂 Happy crafting!