“Owl” make a fun card for you today! {Stamp School}

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you how you can stamps as pattern for painting with acrylics. This is really useful because you can extend an image to fit a shape or in this case a die.

IMG_20171008_192756 (2)

I had always loved this gothic arch die set that I got ages ago in the bargain bin at a stamp show but the challenge came in finding stamps that filled the space well. Nothing ever seemed to fit right and the shape looked awkward on a card. I thought this owl and castle stamp would be perfect with this theme so I decided to make it work and ll show you how in today’s video! BTW if you don’t have a gothic arch die simply fold a piece of paper in half and draw half an arch and cut it out, open it up and you have a template to trace. Easy peasy!

How fun would this be as an invitation to a Halloween or Harry Potter themed birthday party? Tutorial sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! Use coupon code thefrugalcrafter10 to save 10% on your order!

Supplies from Top Flight Stamps:

Other supplies (some may be substitutes as dies were discontinued):

A viewer on YouTube asked if he could use gouache instead of acrylics and yes, you sure can! When in doubt, try it out (it’s only a piece of paper after all!) I hope this project got you thinking about new ways to build cards and use your stamps! Let me know what you think of this project in the comments below and if you liked it please share it with a friend or pin it on Pinterest, there are handy sharing buttons below this post:) Happy crafting!

Sponsored by Top Flight Stamps. Affilate links used.



8 thoughts on ““Owl” make a fun card for you today! {Stamp School}

  1. I have a question about the plastic sheet of the Stamp-a-ma-jig:
    i read somewhere: ” Note that Stampin Up! s Imaging sheet has a rough side and a smoother side. Use the smooth side for classic ink and the rough side for craft ink. ”

    Now I can’t figure out which kind of ink is which. You call them alcohol markers and water-based markers, which markers have which kind of ink? And if I’m used ink pads, how do I know which is which?


    1. craft/pigment ink is ticker, slow drying and kina oily. It usually has a sponge pad. Classic/dye ink is quick drying and vivid and has a fet pad usually. Alcohol markers smell like rubbing alcohol and dye/waterbased markers have little or no odor. Hope that helps:)


  2. Reblogged this on Blue Ribbon F and commented:
    I love this lady’s craft ideas and ways to save money on making things.I thought I would share her Owl Halloween Card if you might want to try it. Go over and check out her blog or YouTube for more help and ideas.


  3. I love the quote, its very profound.. There is an attracting and enigmatic energy in all Gothic styles, it some instance one gets this sense of belonging.. Thank you so much..xx


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