Daydream Art Journal page (from a failed Inktober sketch)

Hi friends! This started out as a messy inkblot from a failed sketch but after a opened up my journal a picture appeared!


BTW I did post a whopping 2 videos on my YouTube channel today, my regular inktober and a Konmari VLOG if you want something extra:) But here is the process of how I turned a rorschach looking inkblot into an art journal spread.



This was a fun, learn as you go project. That’s why I narrated it after the fact. I hope you try some of these techniques to rescue a page too! Happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Love this well done!!


  2. You sure did a brilliant rescue! Love it!


  3. Thank you, Lindsey–you give me courage. Marie (an important commodity in these times.


  4. I was horrified at first how often you added layer to layer to her skin … I thought it would end up looking muddy but somehow now she has a porcelain complexion! Also, the final dark splashes on her hair made it look more curly and thick (too bad I can’t so that to my OWN hair).

    Goes to show in a journal one has the freedom to do anything and see how it works out. I would have never dared to do that in a painting! Thanks for showing us this video.


  5. sometimes stepping away and revisiting gives a new perspective.She came out awesome.


  6. Nice work, but my first thought….Don’t let them nest in your hair. LOL


  7. She’s lovely and ethereal!


  8. Pretty clever!


  9. This is gorgeous!


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