Inktober Day 5: Long

Hi friends! Don’t worry, there will be a live show later today but I wanted to pop in quickly this morning and share my sketch for Inktober day 5 where the prompt was “Long”:


This was my most favorite Inktober sketch I have done so far. Watch the video to see how it came to life!

Today’s prompt was the word “long” so what’s more fun than a long rainbow braid? You can learn more about inktober here.

Supplies I used:

I am loving the daily #inktober2017 challenge. I am not sure if I will post an inktober video each day but I’ll at least post a sketch if not. See you later for the live show and til then happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Absolutely Beautiful

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  2. wonderful! How creative to add the rainbow touch!

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  3. Love the rainbow idea. I did a long sausage shaped dog. Did King Arthur’s sword for today. I make an unholy mess up but have lots of fun. Please share your sketches,Lindsay. If you don’t show I won’t do!!


  4. Love it! You do such pretty work with mermaid markers. I have trouble controlling the ink flow. Thanks for sharing your daily sketches for Inktober!


    • Hi Mary, get the pen started on a separate palette or plate and use a wet brush to pick up and spread the ink when you want more control. A wet brush gives you an infinite range of shades with the Mermaid markers.


  5. So adorable! I love the whimsy and bright colours.


  6. Absolutely love it. What a creative idea to paint


  7. LOVE IT. This is super beautiful.


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