Inktober Day 4: Underwater

Hi friends! Today’s #inktober2017 prompt is “Underwater” so of course I drew a mermaid! You can learn more about inktober here. I was so excited when Jake Parker, the founder of Inktober said it was OK to do a pencil sketch before inking! So that is what I did!


I looked at a pose from the book Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrations (A wonderful book & CD of reference fashion poses by Sha Tahmasebi) You can find it here for $14.48  (I paid $24 at Barns and Noble sheesh!) It is great for working out a figure pose especially if you like the willowy fashion figures and dynamic poses with attitude! I recommend it!

Supplies I used:

OK, that’s the last post from me today! You are going to be totally sick of hearing from me with all of the Inktober sketches! I hope you are playing along, it is a lot of fun! Til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Inktober Day 4: Underwater

  1. I like the colors! And I like the air bubbles around her too, repeating the round shapes of the swirls.

    I use my uniball gel pen to rescue highlights on Inktense drawings because the white Inktense pencil isn’t of much help … but I think the last one I had got clogged because I can see there is white ink left in it but it doesn’t work anymore. I am sure I was too impatient to wait until the drawing was dry enough to add gel pen over it but I thought that wouldn’t matter, as it all is water-based. Now after reading what The Spin Doctor said about it I guess I murdered my gel pen. sigh!


  2. Is the Sea Glass and the Lighthouse book available yet? I have placed an order at the bookstore in Farmington, ME, but I’ve not heard from them. Mary Ann Witham


    1. Hi Mary Ann! So glad you asked, I just saw the proof of the book last night! Should be printed and availabe in 3 weeks!


  3. I look forward to every one of your videos! This is great and i am going to try it. I have not gotten comfortable with mixed media, but it looks so fun!


  4. Love this picture. Do you sell any of these and how much would you charge? It would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Thanks for your inspiring tips.


    1. I sell paintings done on watercolor paper or canvas with lightfast materials, this is in my sketchbook with ink (which would fade if hung in sunlight over time) so it isn’t for sale. I have not looked into do prints but maybe I will someday.


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