Inktober Day 2: Decorative Corn

Hi friends! For today’s Inktober sketch I made a drawing of a bunch of decorative corn I picked up at the grocery store this week:


Watch the video for the process:)


Tomorrow’s Inktober prompt is “Poison”, I am looking forward to that one, sounds spooky! Til then, Happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. Yes I love daily inktober! Thanks for inspiring me to fail. I picked up a brush today, rake, for my critters that I learned from your brush tutorial. I didn’t spend a fortune for it, I make cards . lolol I have to cut you off sooner so I can get to bed before 4am. Hahahaha I get soooo many ideas. I need to save them somehow.


  2. To clarify…….I was afraid to try for fear of trying, not now……thanks to you.


  3. love this series. love indian corn as well. two thumbs!!


  4. Lovethis idea. LIKe to find rules . Be done with limit spplies


  5. You sure are talented!! Your picture is terrific!


  6. Another wonderful tutorial on inking. Thanks for sharing your talent


  7. Wow your painting is amazing! The corn look like they’re going to burst right off the paper!


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