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Hi friends! Today I want to talk about some random bits I collect. I was reminded of this while cleaning up after my live stream on Friday afternoon. I put my supplies away and then placed the color swatch I painted to determine what colors I was going to use in the painting in my “random crafty collage junk drawer” I had to giggle at the pile of swatches I have saved over the past 2 years and I thought it would be a nice jumping off point for this weeks Konmari Craft Room video. Remember, it’s NEVER just about the STUFF.


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It can be hard to be intentional or even know what we really want or need in this day in age but you can hone your skills to live a life of intention instead of habit. It all started when I read “The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie kondo and decided to keep only items that sparked joy (or really use) and it was life changing to say the least!

I know my hoarded items are not crazy excessive and they are well contained but I enjoy adding to my stash of color recipes every week (aka live show paint swatches) and the corks are useful and the bottle caps, well, they have a use by date now that I no longer teach little kids craft classes but one thing I can say is that my hoard is intentional where as before the konmari method my hoard was an uncontrolled “Well I better keep this in case I need it, or someone I know needs it, or someone I have not yet met might like it ” scenario.

Last week I talked about how I stopped using baby wipes for a month to see if I really needed them. Did they add value to my life or were they just a habit or convenience? In June I stopped drinking wine except for 2 glasses on a holiday and birthday. Turned out in both cases these things were habits and pacifiers and not items that added as much value as I thought they did. My consumption of either the wine or the wipes was not big but it was also not necessary. I will still enjoy a glass of wine now and then but it will be more like 4 times a month (not week!) It will be a treat, not a habit.  I know it is not an excessive amount and I am not judging anyone, only figuring out what is right for me:)

I guess is there is one thing I’d like you to get from this is to be intentional and differentiate a treat from a habit.  Habitual consuming (eating, drinking, shopping, smoking) can be a real problem because in many cases we aren’t aware that we are doing it and it takes more and more to satisfy us the more we do it. Take coffee for instance, you can have a cup of coffee once in a while and get this burst of energy but if you have it habitually every day you need more and more to get the same effect that one cup used to give you. It becomes the new normal. Every once in a while I wean myself back on coffee so I can still enjoy the benefits without being such a slave to the habit. Shopping can be like that too, a little pretty here, one there and it becomes so frequent that the pleasure we once got from shopping has been dulled and we can’t appreciate any of the things we purchased. Then we wonder why we are so unsatisfied.

I say if you want a habit then pick a good one: Daily exercise (oddly enough I used to hate to exercise but I discovered podcasts so now I look forward to my evening walk with a  TED Talk and it has become a treat!), volunteering, spending time with loved ones, making art, learning a musical instrument or even tidying up. Those can become things you don’t even think about, you just get in the habit of doing them and they only benefit you and your family. They say you don’t quit a habit, you replace it, so let’s intentionally replace the habits that don’t add value to our lives with ones that do. I’ll drink to that!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. As I read your past few posts on this subject its like I am reading about myself. Just reserved the Marie Kondo book at the library and hope it helps me even a bit. I think I am beyond help! Interested in too many different hobbies and never enough time to do them all. Thank you for letting us know we are not alone. Actually I did know I am not alone as I have more then a few crafting friends with the same issues! Wonderfully written posts as all of yours are,appreciate your insights!

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  2. Love that you point out some life lessons. In case you need something else to do with your corks – make a trivet by cutting the height to what ever you like and gluing them together in a square or circle. Love your videos bunches.


  3. I am trying to follow your suggestions on “using your stash”. I have found 3 sets of Peart-Ex (yes, 3) and don’t have a clue how to really use them. Do you have a video that I’ve not been able to find?


  4. I can relate somewhat. I know that I’ve only found a love and talent for art in the past year and if I actually had an unlimited budget I would own every gadget, paint, ink, stamp..out there. But I have to make do sometimes. So I try to find workarounds and that’s why I love your videos, because you do give workarounds. You may be using a lovely expensive watercolor brush but you say, you can also just use your watercolor set that you bought online or at Walmart/Michaels, etc. That really helps.


  5. Thanks for the great message. I plan to add exercise to my routine. I took a pilates class last week and the instructor’s motto was “motion is lotion” for your joints. It’s so easy to get lost in your art and forget about working on your physical structure as well.


  6. Lyndsay I totally agree I have just adapted the simpler side of life thinking health rather than diet, you give great advise. Wishing you and yours joy health happiness


  7. I ‘ve adapted to a “you bought it, you use it”, in everything I buy. I use to “stock up” use 1 or 2, then ” stock up” again. I’ve also decided that I’m not replacing things that break that are a luxury. No dishwasher anymore. Do dishes by hand. Eliminated all the extra stuff I bought just to use the dishwasher. I’ve always been pretty frugal, was poor as a kid, not rich now. Grew up with a “make do with what you have, or how can you make it cheaper” family. Still this way today. I stock up, then don’t buy that “thing” again until its all gone. I clean a room everyday, to avoid the weekend drag of cleaning. That’s when I get to play! Or stamp rather. Even though some card making supplies, are now not giving me joy, the challenge to use it, does. Then I’ve found the next time I’m tempted to buy, I’m really think more about my purchase. If I just gave it away, I’d end up replacing with something similar again, and I’d be on a new cycle. The buy, hate it, give away, buy, hate, give away, cycle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


    • Great ideas! I have actully made myself use up old product because I had it and didn’t love it and ended up really liking it by the time I ran out LOL!


  8. I’ve read the book too but for me and my hoarding of craft items won’t work . I love my glass jars of shells and quartz pebbles,bowls of random rusty bits and clear shoe boxes of wine corks, large shells, driftwood, and leftover wood bits. All have been collected over years and sorted. Sometimes I just go out there and look to see what sparks a creative afternoon.


  9. I like your “message” of being intentional about our life. It is so easy to just ‘go with the flow’ without stopping to examine why we do things. Thanks, Lindsey. Now for a question-have you ever used/reviewed the Marco Raffine or Renoir pencils? I also have recently purchased the Renoir watercolor pencils and have been enjoying using them. Thank you!


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