A LIVE Show Today & a NEW Watercolor Class!

Edit: Thanks to everyone who joined the livestream today! Here is how our birdie turned out. I loved the suggestion from the chat to add the red berries, so fall like! If you missed the live show you can catch the replay below:)


Howdy friends! I might be a bit punchy and silly today because I was up into the wee hours of the morning putting the finishing touches on my brand spankin’ new watercolor course Texture Toolbox: Feathers and Fowl! I’ll Tell you more about that and share a discount code in a minute but first I want to invite you to paint with me LIVE on YouTube today at 12:30pm Eastern time!


You can watch the live broadcast or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live or ask me questions as we go be sure to tune in on the YouTube watch page.

Here are the supplies we are using today:

I like to teach my classes with a limited palette so students don’t get overwhelmed by materials and it makes the classes much more budget friendly. If you already took my Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor class than you have just about everything you need for Texture Toolbox: Feathers & Fowl!


This course consists of four robust full length painting tutorials that cover a wide variety of techniques for capturing the soft, fuzzy and sleek texture of our feathered friends. The lessons are broken down into easily digestible chunks so you won’t get overwhelmed in this intermediate level class.


Each lesson has a comment area where you can ask questions and share your work in progress. If you are having trouble we can get it corrected before the painting goes astray. But if it does go astray, no worries! I am going to show you my favorite ways to fix paintings that took a wrong turn using gentle mixed media enhancements with colored pencils or pens.


All of the bird paintings come with patterns to trace but I do go over sketching a bit for those of you who prefer to draw free-hand. This is not a drawing class though:) I will also show you how I use reference photos to suit my style and where you can find ones that are free to use.


If you have taken my first course Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor, or followed along with many of my free YouTube tutorials then you are more than ready to tackle Texture Toolbox: Feathers and Fowl. I am so honored to have the opportunity to teach you and to show my thanks I am offering a 50% discount for Texture Toolbox: Feathers and Fowl through the end of September. Just use the coupon code FOWL50 if the discount doesn’t automatically show up. 🙂 I hope to see you at 12:30pm for a fun LIVE painting tutorial on YouTube and til then happy crafting!

*Note: The only additional supplies we use in Texture Toolbox: Feathers & Fowl that were not used in Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor are colored pencils and a white gel pen and they are optional.


21 Responses

  1. I am sooooo excited for this new course!!! Thank you Lindsay!!


  2. I should have mentioned, I just signed up!!! Woohoo!!


  3. I just enrolled. Looking forward to the new course!!


  4. Enjoyed painting along with you today instead of doing later. Will definitely look at your promo for new class. Thanks always for your giving spirit.


  5. Hi Lindsay! I am interested in your newest course “Texture Toolbox: Feathers and Fowl”, but I am confused as to how to sign up. Is it offered via Craftsy or some other venue? Let me know as soon as possible so that I can sign up! Also, will the recordings be available after you air each session? Thanks!


  6. Lindsay, do you still use your Dr PH Martin Hydrus paints? I sure would love to see another tutorial using them. I just got myself a set and am not sure how to control the color strength because of how highly concentrated to colors are.


  7. Yes!!! I just signed up and started watching the lessons! It’s gonna be another great class! I took your last one and learned so much! I’m sure this will bring my painting up to another level and be great fun too!!! Thank you Lindsay!!!


  8. I would have never thought of painting a bird ….. I usually draw them. I’m astonished how quick this painting was done, I expected it to take double time and in fact it took less!

    I guess I HAVE to enroll …. it won’t intervene with the konmari method to buy every class you offer, I hope? 😉


  9. I’m definitely going to sign up for this — as I recently totally botched a painting that I wanted to donate to a good cause. Loved your previous course and never miss your tutorials. This is going to be exciting!


  10. I did purchase your first class, though health problems have made it to where I haven’t been able to begin yet…it won’t expire will it?


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