I’m Back With a Live Show Today! Let’s Paint Something for Fall & Learn New Stuff!

Update! Thanks so much for tuning in today! I think this was the best live show we have had in months! Here is the final painting from the lesson today:


Hi friends! I am back this week feeling much more caught-up, in control and relaxed (ohmm) so let’s have some watercolor fun! I was playing with a technique that I want to share: Packing Tape Masking! I am not a huge fan of masking fluid especially for a large area. It takes long to dry, it’s stinky and it can be hard to remove. I thought about using clear contact paper to mask off a large area but I didn’t have any so I grabbed the next best thing, packing tape! I wanted to test it out to make sure it worked. I wanted to be sure it didn’t let paint leak under and would come off my paper cleanly. The best part is I can sketch right on my paper, slap the tape down and cut off the excess! Instant gratification and so versatile!

Tip: Choose a packing tape that is not super sticky or press it against your clothes a few times to remove some of the sticky. Only press the tape down on the edges to seal out the water but not the middle so it will be easier to remove later.


I wanted to paint from the reference photo below sho I could show some wood graining techniques but I didn’t want it to look fussy around the leaves. I wanted to paint right over them. Using this method will allow that. We will sketch this picture together during the live stream.


As always you can watch the live broadcast or the reply in the player below but if you want to chat live or ask me questions please tune in at 12:30pm ET on The YouTube watch page.

Supplies can be purchased from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:  Use coupon code: frugal20FS49 for 20% off $49 + Free Shipping (Excludes: Sale, Super Sale, Egift Cards, Buy It Try It’s and Vendor restricted items. Look for the green coupon eligible icon on the product listing.

*** I might add in a white gel pen and pastel pencils so if you are curious about those supplies let me know!

During the live shows I am often asked “what are your favorite (insert art supply here) so I made a favorites list here you can check out.  I will add to it as I think of things, I’ve tried sooo many products but I am just sticking to the things I use a lot and would recommend first on that list. Also shopping from that list helps support my free tutorials so thank you:)

I hope to see you at 12:30pm ET today and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “I’m Back With a Live Show Today! Let’s Paint Something for Fall & Learn New Stuff!

  1. First: your voice is ASMR for me, I always enjoy listening to what you say no matter what you say!

    The tape trick is JUST what I need for a painting I have in mind: a couple of white birch tree trunks in front of a patch of grass and dark bushes and beech trees in the background. I tried it once but painting around the birch trunks kind of ruined the swiping movement I need for everything behind it and the area was too large for masking fluid.

    I might end up cutting the tape on a cutting board though because I’ll probably cut the paper along wth the tape.

    BTW, I started out with the artist grade Faber-Castel chalk pastels and used the F.-C. pastel pencils along with them. I like the way all F.-C. pencils and pastels match so if you know the colors of one product you know them all. But I also have the Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencils and I admit they “feel” nicer. If I had to draw something with pastel pencils alone I’d choose Carbothello.

    I’m not ready for Autumn yet (never had a right Summer this year) but I must say, your cheerful painting gets me in the mood! I love the color combo turquoise and red.


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