A cheap Copic Alternative? Studio 71 Dual Tip Brush Marker Review!

Hi friends! When viewers ask me to review a product I try to make it happen. That’s how I happened to find out about the new line of brush tip alcohol pens by Studio 71 from Darice.


I had seen these markers advertised from Consumer Crafts a couple of days before the request came in and I didn’t look twice at them but when I found out they had a brush tip and a chisel tip for a crazy low price I was intrigued! The set of 48 colors I am reviewing today sells for $49.97 currently and the clear blender is $1.47 and USA orders over $49 ship free so that makes the per marker price in the set $1.04. That’s pretty cheap. What to see the quality? Then watch today’s video review! *Even if you don’t need markers I have some blending tips and tricks that will work with any brand of alcohol pens:)


In all honesty the ink that comes in most alcohol pens are about the same quality and all alcohol markers that I have tried work well with other brands. The ink on the paper will practically be the same (in my opinion) no matter what brand you choose. With that said this review will compare the blendability, value and comfort and use of the Studio 71 set of 48 Alcohol pens from Darice. Here is my swatch of the colors in the kit on Neenah Classic Crest paper. Regardless of what brand of markers you have you should swatch them out on the paper you most often use so you can get predictable results in your coloring.



  • Price: $1.04-$1.08 per marker depending on the size set you buy, open stock is $1.47 *this is the least expensive I have EVER seen a quality dual tip brush alcohol marker.
  • Color selection in the 48 pack is superb, I feel like there is just enough shades of each color family that I can blend what I would need in most cases.
  • Marker Nibs: The brush tips make coloring and blending fast and easy and the chisel tip is useful for forcing blends if I am making a big jump in color of if I want to highlight, or lift out, a darker color.
  • Non-roll triangular barrel, comfortable to hold
  • Easy to Remove caps (Also easy to replace caps without worry of damaging the marker tip)
  • Product packaging can be used as a storage case allowing you to store the markers flat or upright. (I recommend storing flat)


  • Not refillable (at this time)
  • As with most art markers there are some duplicates between sets so if you are buying multiple packs check the colors. Spectrum Noir is the only brand I know that has no duplicates between sets/packs. *Note: The Spectrum Noir Core Essentials set from Hobby Lobby WILL have duplicates but not the packs from online retailers like Consumer Crafts or Hallmark Scrapbook. (I just got that info this morning.)

Here are the blending examples from the video. I noted what colors I used next to each shell. I hope you find it useful! You can look up the colors from the swatch above if you are trying to get these blends with other brands of markers as well, like I said, the ink in any alcohol pen is pretty much the same. The quality of the nibs and the price is where the brands differ.


Summary: I found the Studio 71 markers to perform as well as any of my other brush tip alcohol pens. The nib flexibility was between a Copic and a Winsor & Newton Brush Marker (The Copic being a slight bit more flexible but that may be because I have been using it longer.) These markers blended very well and the color selection in the 48 pack contained all of the essential colors needed to produce all the shades I’d need for 95% of my projects. (of course it is easier to blend the more colors you have but this set has a great selection.)

Bottom Line, You can’t go wrong with the quality of these markers for the price. I looked at converting my Spectrum Noir alcohol pens to brush pens but the brush nibs are about $2 each and you can get a whole studio 71 marker for around $1. It comes down to what your needs are, if you want hundreds of refillable markers than this is not for you but if you want great results with a smaller selection of quality pens on the cheap give Studio 71 a try!


I hope you enjoyed the tips and tricks in todays videos. Remember the best supplies to use are the ones you already have but I always enjoy finding out what’s new on the market! Thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!




21 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great review Lindsay. If you just want to try the Neenah paper- look on Etsy. At least one person sells it in packs of 20 sheets for about $5.00. Better yet, split the ream with friends.Lindsay is right, it is great paper.


  2. Did you forget the link to the video?


  3. Good review. Here again…are we buying a product or a name


    • The line is Studio 71 and it is distributed by Darice. Certain names command a higher price like Copic, Winsor & Newton etc. The price might go up when they get more popular but the other Studio 71 products have always been at an entry level price, I have bought the acrylic paints and they are similar to a liquatex basics. Like I said across alcohol markers the ink is pretty much the same but the quality of the markers, how well they are filled and nib performance is where the difference lies:) I hope that answered your question:)

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  4. Great review! I have not invested in any alcohol markers yet because I didn’t like the price point, or if they were affordable, I didn’t like the nib choices. I think these will be my first foray into alcohol markers! Thanks again for the great review and tips!

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    Can you advise me what to do about ink pads that the ‘sponge pad’ is crumbly ? Are they to be thrown out or can they be salvaged.?
    Can you also say ‘Hi’ to my husband Mike, who always listens in to your blogs !
    Many thanks, Mary.


    • Hi Mary, if the pad is crumbly it should be tossed because it will make a mess of your project and be aggravating. Tell your hubby Mike I said “HI” 🙂


  6. Thank you so much for that clear, concise marker review….. as you know it is so helpful for those of us who do not have an extensive experience or supplies to know the ‘real’ value of tools and products that relate to our ‘hobbies’ and/or careers…..

    You are a voice of clarity and sensibility as well as one of humor

    hugs prue


  7. Great review, as always! Thank you. I may have to take the plunge and get some alcohol markers. 🙂


  8. Hi Lindsay,,
    Loved the review BUT,, its I possible to buy those markers atm,, I live in Australia and went to all the sites that couk d possibly have that set and they are all out of stock,, I was goint to get them shipped to my friends parents that live in the US then they would ship it to me,, but as said and I cant find a place that has them in stock,, I did email them in regards to stock availability but no success in getting a reply from them. Is there any shop that has them in stock that you know of? If so please do let me know.. or if you have a spare set please sell it to me hehhehe,, I have a cheap chinese marker that makes memvery frustrated when doing cards..
    All the best xo Fern


    • I have also emailed my contact at Consumer Crafts and not heard back, they are brand new so they are probably still in the initial manufacture phase and trying to supply stores. I wish I had more info.


      • I contacted consumer crafts and was told they expect more in by the end of November. They must be getting a lot of emails about them…and started answering lol


        • im in Australia so most likely by the time i find out they have more out will be all sold out.. i found an internet store in denmark tjat sells them for €89 ooooh my.. that’s for the 48 set.. oh dear too dear for my pocket hehe.. ive tried spectrum noir n didn’t like it.. This one seems to be the way to go.. In the mean time i keep using the cheapo Chinese markers 🙂


  9. Great review. Could you give your opinion as to which marker performs better between the studio 71 and the Blick Studio Brush Markers?


    • I think the blicks are a we bit better plus I have used the blicks more so I can say they still preform well and they have a greater color selection


      • thanks. I was set on Blick Studio Brush Markers until I saw your review on studio 71. Still considering the blick set since there are 98 in the set. You made such a pretty display of colors with your shell swatches,


  10. Lindsay, thanks so much for this.
    I’m looking for some markers that can be used on acrylic. I have oodles of white acrylic beads that I’d like to hand color. Would these work for that purpose or can you recommend something else?


    • it will work but be aware that eventually with wear the color will rub off little by little. Also I think alcohol inks will work better. Put a couple drops in a baggie with a few beads and massage the bag to color.


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