Use it up, Throw it out, Make it Work or Do Without? {A Konmari Question}

Hi friends! I got a very similar question from several viewers after posting my current craft room tour last week, it went something like this:

“Lindsay, are there things you kept to use up that you won’t rebuy once they are gone?”

Good question! The thing that kept me from purging supplies in the past was that it felt wasteful. Don’t get me wrong, I did not throw away any “good supplies” I purged. They were given to friends, schools or donated to people who could use them. I did keep some things because I know I’ll use them up but not buy again. Are you wondering what these items are? Watch the video and find out!


The thing that decluttering using the Konmari method from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up taught me is that things come into out lives to fulfill a purpose, when they are done fulfilling the purpose you can let them go. My cheap white cardstock is currently fulfilling a purpose and I am using it up, when I run out I will only replenish a couple of brands: My Neenah Classic Crest (for alcohol marker coloring), My Heavyweight Recollections (for card bases) and my cheap utilitarian Georgia Pacific from Sam’s Club for inky backgrounds, gel printing, party printables and other projects where I do not need the premium qualities of the others. I am also buying in appropriate amounts. I come from a teaching background where I bought in bulk to get the per project cost low and that habit of looking for the cheapest price kept me buying massive amounts that I could not realistically use up. I also had a fear of wasting supplies unless I had a lot of back stock. This is called the “fear of running out” and I think that is what causes most of us to hoard stuff especially craft supplies because companies only produce a limited run of paper/embellishments and when it’s gone it’s gone. Brilliant marketing on their part but I don’t have to fall for it LOL! There will always be newer, cuter and more trendy things to buy in the future if we use up our current stash up and we bought it to use it right?

I want to thank you for the thought provoking questions you ask after every Konmari craft room video and if you want to see the other videos in this series you can find the playlist here! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Lindsay,
    Is the heavyweight recollections what you use for greeting cards or other projects? Thought you used the strathmore.


    • I use strathmore #140 watercolor cards for watercolor painted cards. I was just referring to cardstock for regular papercrafting in this post:)


  2. Lindsay, will you please do a video on using foil?


  3. Love this and love konmari, too!


  4. I;m working on it and have some things I bought when I first started scrapbookine 12 years ago that I probably won’t use again. Lindsay in a recent video on the little squares on the front of a card reminded me I have the stencils she was talking about from 12 years ago. They need to go. I can always use dies and someone kick me if I buy any more dies. Sprays, pencils markers etc. Having a craft exchange with other crafters sounds like a great idea. One persons trash may be another’s treasure and papers, think I’ll take a bunch to the art teacher at the schools here.




  6. Oh Lindsay, I so appreciate your candor in sharing your de-cluttering process. Thanks.


  7. If there is something I will never need to buy for the rest of my life it’s paper … watercolor paper, drawing paper and chalk pastel paper. I LOVE trying out new kinds but of course stack up on my favorites every time there’s a sale. If a fire ever breaks out in this house it will burn like a bonfire.

    My watercolor teacher always tells me to stick to the kind of paper I like best and quit trying out new paper because it’s hard to get used to handling paper you aren’t familiar with. I always say if I’d had done that when I started his classes I’d still be using cheap crappy paper!

    I guess I should use up the paper I don’t consider my favorite during watercolor class or for color charts, color mixes etc and use my favorite paper for paintings I do at home. I’m also thinking of using watercolor paper that doesn’t take a lot of water for chalk pastels or watercolor pencils. If nothing else helps I might make envelopes and matching cards from the thinner 200g paper.

    I am sure this won’t be your last konmari video ….. you are surely going to turn it into a science by and by ….. 😉


  8. I am new to cardmaking and I am trying to go slowly in making purchases. So far my supplies and pretty much basic. I do not have a room that I can dedicate to crafting so I do it at my desk (not a big one either). I really appreciated this video and the one on favorite craft supplies from you and others. For example, I have not gotten into alcohol markers as I am concentrating on colored pencils, watercolor pencils and watercolors and some other markers. When I replace I will pay more attention to the recommended brands. Some day I will probably get into the alcohol markers but just not now. Thanks for your many videos. I love the loose way you work. and the tips you give for supplies and techniques.


  9. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon. I will never use my entire supply. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!!!


  10. I think it’s interesting how we justify in our minds the reason for buying things; such as it’s on sale, they may discontinue, I need to have all the colors. I do the same thing. I have been declutering this year and can still do more but I am a gadget girl and am always wanting to try new things and there are always new things to try and then you run into buying everything in the collection of whatever. . . Really appreciate your videos. Thanks


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