I’m so Sorry, No Live Stream Today:(

Hi friends! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I am so behind on EVERYTHING! The kids started back to school this week and on the last day of summer vacation we went to the beach and just before we were about to leave one of my girls crushed her finger between two rocks in the water. We ended up at the ER (our first trip to the ER, knock on wood, hopefully the last) and they patched her up and everything is going to be fine, I am so relieved, but still stressed (I was stressed out before so I have some compound stress here LOL!) My house is even starting to look like “pre Konmari Lindsay” lives here and that is also adding to the stress not to mention the project deadlines I have missed this week. So today I need to catch up. Sarah is out-of-town as well so running a live show on my own with the tech difficulties that we have been plagued with lately would likely do me in.

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday (in the USA) weekend and I hope to be back with a live show next week:) I will post a short watercolor tutorials on YouTube for you tomorrow and I just posted a new Distress Oxide colorblock cardmaking tutorial to YouTube last night (late, so you might have missed it) If you are looking for a project to keep you busy I have over 1700 tutorials on my YouTube channel so hopefully you can find something you like:) Wish me luck today and til next time happy crafting!

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