Current Craft Room Tour (After KonMari)

Hi friends! I have been asked to do a craft room tour of my space after decluttering. It has been quite a process because after the first konmari clean out I thought I was done but things evolved. I got rid of more ruthlessly (although the video will show that I still have plenty) and I corralled the sprawl of art supplies thought the rest of the house and basement and integrated what I kept back into my art space. It opened up the possibility of using the rest of our basement in a more practical way. We were wasting the space on storing when we could be using it for living! Funny how decluttering can change your whole perspective on things and open up new possibilities huh? I filmed this video before I took down my binder storage shelves and uprooted the jewelry storage wall to move it in about a foot because I wasn’t sure what it would look like after.

Video tour!

After the video I tore this corner apart. I rebuilt the shelves to fit in 12″ less space so there is some strange geography on my “map binders” now LOL! because my art “room” has no real walls, aside from the two walls that make up the cellar foundation, I can rearrange as needed:)


I applied a fresh roll of contact paper to the stamp binder bench and my main workspace and it really brightens up the place! I took these photos this morning because I’m not sure if or when I might do something permanent or drastic to my studio space.


Next to the stamp bench is my dresser with brushes, printmaking and pastel supplies, Above on the shelves are canvasses. Under the mannequin are my yarn totes. I moved my easel to the corner to give the room a more open feel and because I needed to shift the stamp bench down to bring the jewelry wall in a foot. Next to the easel is my die cutting bench. I moved my Scan n’ Cut machine to this area with my other die cutting things, it just made sense.


You can see the end of my die-cutting bench. I moved my pen racks over my cardstock storage cabinet because I really want my main workspace to be clear and open. I didn’t mention it on the video but the birdcages hold lace trims, it works great, i just pull out what I need but sometimes I need to shake the dust off LOL!


Behind my workspace I have paper, colored pencils, ribbon, washi tape and lots of often used goodies in drawers. I moved the filing cabinet back in here and it was the same height as my two plastic drawers of paint supplies. I have a large white sheet of paper clipped behind there and lights on the paper so I can get photos or my artwork daily. This used to be in the middle of the basement (the aforementioned sprawl) and it hold magazines I have been published in and office/business stuff. You can still see my wood stamp storage shelve that I am going to go through again because it can’t stay there. I considered unmounting them and putting them in binders but some stamps I think are just like art to me and I just like how they look on the blocks. Many I have forgotten I have so I really need to have a look at them again. There is not point keeping things I won’t use. It is a hard collection to downsize though (those joy-sparking stamps!)

If you need help decluttering I recommend The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It was really helpful for me anyway. Are you decluttering? Let me know how it’s going for you and til next time happy crafting!

26 thoughts on “Current Craft Room Tour (After KonMari)

  1. No, actually I’m still accumulating clutter because I’m still in the phase when every time you show us something new I’d like to have I either put it on my wish list or order it myself! πŸ˜‰

    I guess I have to start giving things away or else we will end up sleeping in hammocks …


  2. Great idea to video before. I save way too much and think if I video my crap/craft space I could see better what I can reduce. I could open a store with my junk and whatever you need, I have it. So there’s that. But, I don’t remember to use it unless someone says they need it. All neatly labeled but I’m unable to get to a lot of the stuff since I was in the habit of buying when on sale and then forgetting that I have it. Illness that seems to be rampant among creatives. You are doing a fantastic job of getting organized and I will now attack my colored paper supply (from when I scrapbooked) so that I have breathing room for actually using that I have. THANKS!


  3. I haven’t even watched your video yet, but I want to comment right away. Yes, I am in fact decluttering my house and I thank you for inspiring me. So far, I have made 9 trips to donation centers. I have given several boxes of craft supplies to relatives and the school where I taught. I can say it has changed the way I shop! I no longer feel the urge to buy something because it’s a new product on the market, or it’s a good deal, or I like collecting it. I still have many areas in my house in need of decluttering. I was so happy in my craft room this week because I was able to sit down and make three tote bags and not have to curse about moving crap out of my way! Lol! I did read most of Marie Kondo’s book which definitely gave me the incentive I needed. I didn’t clean out using all of her methods. Lindsey, you were my main inspiration, and I am truly grateful for your tutorials and blogposts.


  4. Lindsay your room looks fantastic after the big decluttering. I was forced to do the same thing, because I moved from a big house with lot’s of space to a 400 square foot log cabin. For me storage cabinets was the key to having a space for everything.I bought a lot of matching clear dollar store shoe boxes which stack beautifully.I put everything in them and then labelled them and organized them.Next I bought 6 big storage cabinets from a big box store and have everything in them.1 for broom closet,1 for small appliances,1 for books,games,cutting boards etc.,1 for all types of cleaning products and misc.,1 for dry goods,bowls,and pots and pans etc.and one for all my paint supplies.I have 1 long folding table set up as well.Everything has a place.All my empty suitcases went out in my outdoor shed and covered them.These cupboards were a do it yourself project and over two summers, I managed to put them together myself and re-organize everything.I love the new storage.It takes up a whole empty wall in my cabin,and makes finding stuff so easy.I love being organized and never keeping anything I never use.It goes in my truck of my car until the trip to the used stuff store.I do the same once a year with clothing and shoes and stuff you accumulate.It keeps me in check.No more trips to the local craft store.I now use what I have and it’s great.No more doubling up with the same thing.No more unescessary spending either.Everything has a home.If it doesn’t it’s lost.


  5. You are one amazing woman and what a talented artist, on so many levels. I always watch your postings. You are one of my greatest inspirations for art! Thank you so much. Roseanne Saturley. St. John’s Newfoundland.


  6. Hi Lindsay..I got a great idea from a blog. I wish I could remember whereπŸ˜’. My granddaughter did a great job of putting my wooden stamps in hanging jewelry holders in the closet. A friend that I showed it to has no closet area in her basement so she found a cheap used clothes rack amd hung them from there. It makes my wooden stamps easily assesible without taking up wall space and out of containers. I got mine from a store 5Below for $5.00!


  7. Impressive! I have a one bedroom apartment which is turning into an art , craft studio. I need maximize my space and have clean empty surfaces., Only succeeded with a few so far. I can think better the more empty the place is.


  8. Your craft room looks absolutely lovely and organized. I am having some issues with my craft room and need to do a lot of decluttering. I am a saver of the smallest piece of scrap of paper and cardboard that will never be used, but I have to save it. Anyway, you have done a spectacular job. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.


  9. You’re blessed with a lovely work space. Very efficient & job well done, though I know how painful it is to dig in when it’s not one’s only job, AND to part with some things.


  10. I loved watching your video. In one of the last ones you showed your knitting needles and said, that you’re thinking about decluttering them. I also had so many knitting needles, because you always need different sized depending on the projects. But then I bought a set with interchangable needles from knit pro. I got rid of all of them and kept this one set for 6 years now and never needed more needles anymore. So this might be a solution? It also doesn’t need much space. As to your questions, I had tendencies to buy more than I needed, but I don’t anymore and have no problems parting with things or using them up. But I’m still afraid of moving, because of all the stuff I own… Scary thought! πŸ™‚ Take care, Lana


      1. I’ve never heard of the Denise needles and just looked them up – it’s a similar system to the ones I sugested. πŸ™‚ Have fun decluttering! (You inspired me to get rid of some things myself!) Take care.


  11. I have some wood mounted stamps that I want to unmount for space saving. But, they are super sticky on the back. And I’m worried about damaging when I peel them off. I know I could use a clear acrylic stamp block but I’m wondering what I should stick them to for storage that will make them easy to remove what I need to use them. Thanks for your suggestion


  12. Lindsay, your room looks so beautiful! It totally makes sense for you have lots of supplies, since you make your living at so many different media. Doesn’t that make it harder to choose what to get rid of? You have done a fantastic job, and thanks for sharing.


  13. I too am a collector. But I have not purchased a single piece of paper for over a year. Making a dent, but not sure I will live long enough to use it all!


    1. P.S. Not buying any stamp sets either. Usually I find they are too similar to other stamps I have. Exception: Tim Holtz Crazy Dogs. Love and use them all the time.


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