Easy Duct Tape Wallet to Make With or For the Kids!

Hi friends! Are you looking for a fun and useful project to make with your kids this summer? How about a duct tape wallet?


This project is a really great introduction to using duct tape for crafting and my local Dollar Tree usually has some cool patterns in 10 yard rolls. Also if you keep an eye out you can find it on clearance at Joann Fabrics of Wal-Mart or use a less expensive plain duct tape for the inside of the project and splurge on a special design for the outside since you don’t need that much. I think even at full price it is only around $5 a roll. BTW the cheap dollar tree duct tape will work just as well as the Duck Brand stuff for this project:)


  • Duct tape (any brand) Amazon or Dollar Tree
  • Craft Knife *I recommend this fiskars knofe with the locking handle as the blade does not come loose as my other craft knives do but you can use what you have.
  • Craft Mat
  • Non Stick Mat (like a silicone baking mat-do not cut the tape on the silicone mat tho!)

1. Make a sheet of duct tape fabric by overlapping 9″ strips of duct tape 1/4″. Flip over the sheet and place it sticky side up on your workspace and cover the back with strips of tape. Tip: For extra strength lay the second strips in the opposite direction. *See tip below for another way to make duct tape fabric.

2. Trim the sticky excess off the edges so you have a square/rectangle. It doesn’t have to be perfect. it should be about 8″ square.

3. Fold over the one side to see about how tall you want your wallet to be (and determine what pattern you want on the outside) and trim off the excess (it will be a strip about 2″ wide, this will become the front pocket.

4. Cut 1/2″ wide strips of duct tape and finish the raw edges if the top of the wallet and pocket. Ise 1″ strips to attach the pocket and seal up the sides.

A couple of tips to make your duct tape crafting easier…

  1. keep a bowl of water handy and dip your fingers i when you are trying to handle the tape, it will keep it from sticking to you. This is helpful when you need to put the sheet of duct tape fabric stick side up.
  2. If you (or your child) is having a hard time making the fabric you can use a piece of tarp or plastic grain bag (like the kids chicken feed comes in) for the back side of the fabric. I do this when I need to make a large sheet of duct tape fabric to conserve the tape. You can get a 6″x9″ tart at the dollar tree too if you don’t have a gain bag handy LOL:)
  3. If working with your kids consider pre cutting the pieces and let them assemble it to save frustration and keep them safe as craft knifes are very sharp. If they want to do it themselves then show then how to tear the tape. The results will be a bit more rustic but that’s OK!

I love that you can express your child’s personality in their wallet and I also love that it can teach them how to look after their money (no more dollar bills wadded up in their pockets to get lost) and since the texture of the tape is grippy it is unlikely to fall out of their pockets when they play. It’s never too early to teach your kids to be responsible with their money or to craft so that is a win-win in my book! Happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. The video quality looked fine to me. The purples were lovely and vibrant, the black duct tape a solid deep black, the cutting mat a medium green with the grid in plain focus, and the silicone mat beige. Everything remained in good focus throughout the video. I don’t have kids or grandkids, but this looks like it would be something fun. I haven’t tried any duct/duck tape crafting, but the patterns look cute. Good luck with the new filming set up, it looked good to me! Thanks for all you do for us, and I hope you enjoyed your weekend (or just Friday?) off. Take the time you NEED!! We love you, and want you to be rested, happy and ENJOYING YOURSELF!! Hugs from hot, sticky Florida!


  2. Would you think of using a bit of Velcro to keep the wallet closed?


    • good idea! It would be folded in half and in your pocket but if you were keeping it in a purse it would be good.


  3. Everything looked great and a bit more HD than usual. I am going to try to make one but with some ID and credit card pockets.


  4. I loved this tutorial! I used the idea for a need I had. I needed a cooler small enough just to carry some turkey & cheese sticks in on an upcoming day trip. I wanted to be able to tuck it into my backpack. I made just what I needed by using your idea & backing it with a foam packing sheet (that of course I rescued from something I had bought in the past). I’ll post a picture of someone tells me how I can.


  5. Love love love this idea! Love hank you for sharing!


  6. Loved this idea ! I also post kid craft and educational activities on http://www.myworldtheirway.com. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.


  7. My boys would like that!


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