Loose & Easy Watercolor Roses to Paint!

Hi friends! I was in a bit of a painting rut so I thought I would play with some new paper and cheap paint and this is what I came up with!


Honestly I painted 4 paintings in one go, right after another and had a ball! (OK I apinted 5 and that 5th one was a stinker LOL!)I did record them so I will probably sprinkle them out during the next few weeks:) The key to this kind of creative play is to let go of expectations. I didn’t force myself to come up with something good enough to share, I just played and let the painting happen. Remember even if it turns out badly it’s only a piece of paper and making bad art is better than no art at all:) I kept the video real-time and narrated the tutorial, I hope you like it! Ironically I tried to do a similar flower while recording live narration and it was really hard to enter the flow state that this type of painting needs while trying to talk at the same time. Those darn right and left brain hemispheres conflicting LOL!


Supplies I used:

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Yay!!! While there are lots of things I would work to improve, I NEVER thought I could do this before now! Thank you, Lindsay! -Diane Giarrusso


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I hope you make time to play with watercolor today! If you don’t have any new paper or paint to experiment with try painting in a different size. Chop your paper into bookmark sized pieces and paint long skinny landscapes or long-stemmed flowers or anything else that strikes your imagination. These little bursts of play time are never a waste and when you take away the pressure of making a “good painting” you can relax and be free with your art. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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