Had To Have IT {yet to use it!} Fun with Bleeding Tissue Paper

Hi friends! Last weekend I asked you if you had any supplies that you couldn’t wait to buy but have not used yet and boy howdy did you ever! I was so glad I wasn’t alone in this struggle. So for fun I decided to grab one of my “Had to have, but yet to use” items and make some cards!


Bleeding tissue paper was a must buy item for me when I saw Vicki Boutin release some in her new mixed media line for CHA last January.  I had used this before in my kids classes and in mixed media paintings and it was a lot of fun, and bleeding tissue paper is extremely inexpensive and versatile. So why haven’t I used it? True confession, I bought not 1 but 3 packs because I got it on sale. I gave one pack to a friend to ease my hoarding conscience. You can test the colored tissue paper you have to see if it bleeds before buying new. Generally tissue paper for gift wrapping won’t bleed (can you imaging the tragedy if you wrapped a gift with bleeding tissue and you had to carry it from your car to the house in the rain?!? Another fun variation would be to use regular tissue paper and mod-podge to adhere it to the cardbase, it would give you a stained glass look and be fun and lovely! Use what you have!

Watch the video to see if it is a technique you want to try!

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other Supplies:


When using bleeding tissue paper you can try many different ways to apply it to come up with unique backgrounds. You might even be able to get a couple of “dyes” from a dark-colored piece. If you know how you want to arrange the tissue you can pre wet the paper you will be placing it on and it will help the color transfer. You can even use the scraps laid out in random order on the paper to make unique backgrounds. Have fun! There is no wrong way to do it! I hope this inspired you to dig out the “had to have it, yet to use it” supplies in your stash and play with them! Happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Wonderfull cards witth this ‘bleeding tissue’ technique Lindsay.


  2. Oh, my! I have some of that in MY stash that I had never heard of when I bought it at a salvage store. Wait til the grand-girls are here next time! We played with ink smooshing last time and they had a ball. This might be even more perfect. And I have most of those washi tapes you used too!!! Thanks for a big smile today.


  3. Love it very colorful fun and yes Happy!!! Thanks again Lindsey!!!


  4. Love love love it…Now I need to mine out as well. Forgot all about it:( As always thank you for sharing your time with us.


  5. Have any ideas for using Paper Capers twisted paper on cards? A bunch of us have it in our stash and will probably be decluttering it if we don’t see some way to use it. Love the bleeding tissue paper!


  6. These are so effective, I love the bleeding edge, so tactile. My stash is full of unused but much admired buts and bats


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