Yes,Virginia, there is a live show today:)

Hi friends! After a wonky month of hit or miss live streams we are back to our regular programming! Today we are going to paint a fun and colorful fruity drink perfect for summer!


The other day I cut up a watermelon for the kids but I didn’t have room in the fridge so I put the cut up melon in the freezer and the next day I put it in the blender with some lemon/lime drink mix and it was pretty tasty and great for a refreshing summer drink. Give it a try the next time you have extra watermelon! You can catch today’s video live at 12:30pm eastern time. You can watch the live show or the replay in the video player below but if you want to chat live you will want to watch on the YouTube watch page.


See you at 12:30pm ET for a fun summer painting time! Happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. This makes me feel thirsty!
    I’m looking forward to watching this video but I’ll need a pitcher of something to drink at my elbow ….

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  2. Looking forward to it. Love the live shows!!


  3. Lindsay, you are a treasure! You give so many of us so much enjoyment and new knowledge.
    Your online watercolor class is over the top! Thanks for all you do!
    Take Care, Linda


  4. that was such a fun painting to see live! Loved all the different techniques


  5. Love all of them i have never been so happy! I have painted so much and learned so much since i found you!! You are the best teacher ever! I am 57! LOL This smoothie one ends up looking so frosty! Love it!


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