And the purge continues…

Hi friends! I know I am in good company when it comes to an overflowing craft space. I know this because of the wonderful comments and stories you share with me each time I post a “Konmari craft room” video. Yesterday I decided to tackle one of my craft room overflow areas: The framing department. I was too overwhelmed by the contents of my craft room when I did my original Konmari craft room declutter to venture into much of the overflow. Also I was really stymied but my framing supplies. About 20 years ago my mom and I bought a ton of mat board from a frame shop that was going about of business. I had learned how to cut my own beveled mats to save money on framing my art for shows and then students asked me to frame their work too. Before long I had a nice custom picture framing side business. Occasionally I had to order in custom colors that I did not have but honestly I was really well stocked with mat board! This stash allowed me to make a nice living from home with low overhead. Everything was bought and paid for so it was all profit after just a couple of jobs. Over the years though I enjoyed framing less and less and I began to see new jobs as “chores” instead of blessings. It is a nice safety net though if times got tough I can always do framing.  I realized that it wasn’t the mat board I was attached to but the security that owning the framing supplies provided me and it occurred to me the reason I didn’t want to deal with that supply was because Even though I didn’t love framing I was not ready to let go of that potential. I was ready to clean out the area I had all of the boxes of mat board in though so I went through the large 32″x40″ sheets of mat board one by one to decide what I could reasonably use in my personal art and odd framing jobs I may with to take in the future. My Hubby actually would like to learn how to cut mats so he might take over that endevor for me! I limited myself to no more than 4 sheets of each color with the exception of white and black because those I have to order in frequently. I got rid of half! What I kept is stored by color families in their original shipping boxes (25 sheets fit in a box and it keeps them flat and clean) and they are under the purple cloth in the corner.


Since I work in a basement I am aware of moisture so previously I had the boxes of mat boards standing in plastic under the bed boxes with the lids removes and I put a sheet of plexiglass between the boxes and the wall and it kept the mat boards perfect. The corner of my craft room I moved them too had a random mish-mash of junk from old frames to old portfolios of art and plywood panels I planned to paint. I had a heavy-duty wire riser (I think it was a  paneling sample display for a hardware store) and it was perfect for holding my boxes of mat boards up off the floor. I did put the risers in a plastic tub as an extra precaution against moisture too. You might remember for my first konmari post that I had a set of shelves in this area but I moved them because they were the reason of the junk corner because I could not reach anything with the shelves there. I took my yarn totes from another corner and swapped them out with the shelves and put my dress form on top and had a bit of fun making a knitting display lest I forget there are 2 honkin’ big totes of yarn there. I don’t often need yarn but I can take down the dress form and display in about 30 seconds if I need too. Also the yarn totes are light enough to pull out of there if I need to get to the mats. This set up is fine since these items are not accessed often. Here is the corner with my shelf where my yarn totes were. I had a couple of kitchen size trash bins holding wrapping paper and strecher bars behind the totes that I had not yet been through (whoops! Missed that on the first round 🙂 LOL) so I put the wrapping paper with my other wrapping supplies and nested the bins together and left the stretcher bar bin as is, you can see the bins next to my white shelf. Ordinarily there is a toaster oven for clay on the bottom shelf but it was in use when I took the photo.


Well that was quite the long intro to today’s video huh? The reason I shared that declutter was because so many people commented on my Konmari One Month Later one of my konmari follow up videos that they had “past business supplies” that they did not want but could not part with and I realized that I had some too. I love how we are learning and growing together!


If you are agonizing over getting rid of something and the 2 question method didn’t work:  try asking yourself why over and over until you come to an answer.

Why am I keeping this? Will i REALLY need it some day? Am I keeping it because I regret buying it but feel ashamed to get rid of it? Was it a mistake purchase to begin with? Am I keeping this to remind myself I made a mistake and this is my punishment? Am I afraid to get rid of this because it is closing the door on the potential of who I once wanted to become? Keep asking yourself why you are holding on to this thing until you get to the bottom of its hold on you. You might be keeping it for a valid reason or because you are comforted knowing that you have it. But if you are keeping it out of shame and regret you can let it go to make room for more positive energy and be wiser in your next purchase. Face it, we all make mistakes but we don’t have to keep paying for the same one over and over again by holding on to possessions that don’t serve us.

Same goes for buying. Why do I want this so badly? Do I want it just because it is new and shiny? Will it fill a need I have that nothing I own does? And so on…dig deep!
I listened to the audio book “The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up” by Marie Kondo and it changed the way I look at my possessions and helped me clean out the excess. I have more time to spend on things I enjoy because I spend less time managing my stuff and less time cleaning.You can find the book or audiobook here. I also enjoyed her book Spark Joy, it is a more in depth book on the Konmari method.

You can watch the rest of the videos in the Konmari craft room series here, I hope it helps you like it has me. Do you have stubborn posessions you can’t decide on or things you are only keeping “Just in case” let me know in the comments below. Til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Loved the video and I too struggle with why I need that stamp set or die cut so badly. Need it now, have to have it. when it comes I use it once or twice and then I’m over the need to have it. I wish there was some way to have a lending library for stamps & matching dies (yes I know you don’t buy the matching die anymore and I’m thinking about doing that too). I’ve tried to trade with friends but they don’t seem to take care of their things as well as I do. Anyway, it’s a struggle. Another struggle is knowing which sentiments I have and where they are in my stash. There should be an app (like Tim Holtz’s app) that would catalog my stash. Your thoughts on this?


    • I keep my stamps in binders by these so my “catalog” of them is actually their storage, maybe that would help? Thin dies can be stored this way as well.


  2. I have templates from Creative Memories from years ago. Do I need them no! I have dies that do that. Am I scrapbooking anymore, no those babies are now 11 and 12 ( great grandchildren by the way) Some things really need to be weeded out.


  3. Congratulations! Wish I could part with more of my stuffffff. LOL I did though over a year ago when my friend had a garage sale. Sold quite a lot and then took them to some friends house and a bunch of them bought more. But still quite a lot left. Thinking of donating them to a charity. But there they sit. Glad you were able to part with what you did. Edna


  4. I just wanted to thank you so much for your videos. They have given me the motivation to get rid of some of the stuff I’ve been holding on to because of the guilt I felt. I’ve spent money on these things in the past and felt I should use them, but I have recently given so much away to local children’s craft groups and there is lots more to go. I want someone else to use what I can’t and I don’t feel guilty any more.


  5. I can not let go of my quilting material. I have yet to complete a single quilt. I have pieced tops, but have not actually hand quilted them. I do not think I am capable of hand quilting at this point in my life due to medical issues. I am thinking of getting my pieced tops machine stitched. My aunt is finishing my favorite queen size top for me. She hand quilts super fast! I feel that if I get rid of the material I will not be able to afford to buy more if I want to make more quilt tops. I did get my stash down to two bins. I have parted with tons of stuff and I haven’t even started using the Konmari Method. I am still reading the books. You have done a super job on your craft room. Congrats!


  6. I believe the main reason I keep things is because I feel wasteful if I get rid of them. If I had a place to give them where they would be used then I believe that I would feel differently. I also am very sentimental, especially with my Mom’s things. With all my craft supplies, I don’t want to have to go out and purchase them again.


  7. WHY, indeed!!! You’re brilliant in communicating. You’re a joy to watch and listen to. “Why” will now be my “go to” question when thinking I need another shiny crafting goodie. THANK YOU for bringing to light these concepts to contemplate. YOU ROCK, Lindsay!


  8. I loved all your changes and de-cluttering your supplies. I am a neat freak and go through all that i have accumulated whether it be art supplies or clothing etc.I pare down whenever I can. The first question I ask myself is .Do I really need this or is it a want? Now I only buy what I need,and try to ignore the wants,as that is where most of the excess does come from.Works for me.I do this one a year with everything I own,always asking myself the same question.It does help pare down the stuff in your life.I applaud you for all your de-cluttering and re-organizing your art and craft supplies.I give my things that I no longer wish to keep to my friends and charities.When I can I sell it too.Thanks for showing us The Konmari version of organizing and de-cluttering.


  9. The one thing that struck a nerve was the ‘punishment’ part. As children we were told that, if you bought it, you had to wear it/eat it/save it/use it. So, indeed, it has been a self-chastisement to keep mistakes around myself.
    What an enlightening lesson you have taught!


  10. Great advice, Lindsay! I go through stages of wanting to clear it all out, then wanting to hang on and buy more, then a few months later wanting to clear it all out again. I actually think I enjoy my supplies more when I have less to choose from. I only started my water color efforts in January. I had very little and enjoyed it so much. I have added quite a bit to my supplies, and now I just feel a little overwhelmed with what I should use, so I often don’t use anything at all! I love my supplies and hate to get rid of any of it. I am thinking of just choosing a colors to use and stick with those for a week or two. I believe I saw a video early on where you suggested a limited palette to learn at first. You were so right. Too many colors, brands and choices has me sidetracked.


  11. Meant to say just choosing a few colors to use.


  12. ENLIGHTENING…the WHY of it all really is the question.Thanks Lindsay – will ask myself WHY each time I get something out to use as well as when I see something I want!
    Paper Hugs,


  13. You are so, so right on this. I have really cut back on buying things and have gotten rid of many things too. It feels good!


  14. Your comments did make me realize why i have lost some interest in some of my crafts…i started with crochet and now have so much yarn its difficult to decide what to do and now with my pencils and markers it is the new exciting things to learn. There are so many products on the market that we all want to try it …But i do envy your craft basement i must say…..I am now just starting stamping partly from watching your videos but can also use my water color pencils and markers so i thank you so very much for this video and all your others that inspire all of us to try new crafts/techniques 🙂


  15. I’m reading the books, have made some progress, but have a long way to go. I do have one good example where asking “the questions” made it a no-brainer. At least 3 years ago I purchased photo album “systems” to organize photos. I put one album together for a special family occasion, but haven’t been motivated to continue. “The questions” helped me realize it’s because I didn’t like the photo album system….. the one album I made was hugely oversized, heavy, and cumbersome. It really wasn’t easy to carry around, display, and enjoy. I have now packed up the rest of those albums and accessories I was hanging onto, and they are ready for me to donate to our local center for people with disabilities where they may use them for themselves, or they may sell them in their Thrift Store where they will make money to support their center. It feels good that I will get those items out of my sight, donate them to a good cause, and I will move on to a less cumbersome system for preserving photos. I made a mistake when I purchased those items, but I am now putting it behind me and moving on.


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